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Escapades in Colombia

Colombia offers wonderful landscapes for all tastes: Adventure in the Amazon, relaxation on the Caribbean coast, a typical tour in the coffee region, culture and history with pre-Columbian statues in the south, unique experiences on the river of five colors, whale watching in the Pacific and many other sensations. The warmth and joie de vivre of the Colombian people await you. Discover our itineraries and start an unforgettable journey.

From $ 530 USD

In the heart of the Caribbean

The archipelago of San Bernardo is located two hours by motorboat from the coast of Cartagena. Visitors can enjoy, especially underwater, the charms of these islands, where the Natural National Park of the Corals of San Bernardo, which protects the coral reefs, can be found.

From $ 248 USD

Colonial village of Villa de Leyva

Considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Colombia, Villa de Leyva seems to have been frozen in time. Declared a national monument in 1954, the town has retained its colonial charm, as evidenced by its typical architecture, characterised by its lime-walled buildings, cobbled streets and majestic Plaza Mayor (the largest in Colombia). The recent influx of visitors to the area has considerably changed the internal activity of the village, as many hotels, shops, art galleries, gourmet restaurants and local craft markets have sprung up.

From $ 467 USD

The Lost City trek

Amid the highest coastal mountain in the world, hidden by thick forests and rugged geography, there rests an ancient indigenous city of more than a thousand years. In this 5-day ecotourism and archaeological tour, you will trek across beautiful and remote mountain ranges, cross rivers, and camp along the way to one of the most unique places to visit in Colombia:  Ciudad Perdida, the lost city of the Tayrona Civilization, hidden in the midst of the mighty Sierra Nevada.

From $ 1040 USD

Chingaza Trek

Discover the wonders of the Chingaza Natural Park region: native forests, canyons, suspension bridges, rivers, waterfalls and ravines will never cease to amaze you during this 4-day and 3-night trek.

From $ 514 USD

Cocora valley

This trip is perfect for discovering the coffee region. You can stay in hotels with typical regional architecture. You will visit emblematic sites such as the Cocora Valley and the authentic villages of the coffee triangle.

From $ 1926 USD

Ethnotourism in Araracuara

Nature, adventure and encounters with indigenous communities in an untouched area free from mass tourism. On this expedition, share ancestral traditions, admire unique landscapes such as the Araracuara Canyon, the imposing rocky strait and experience contact with the Pachamama.

From $ 725 USD

Immersion among the Kogis

This expedition is an incredible chance to discover the Kogi culture and traditions in the valleys of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, previously forbidden to access. The Navashijue Valley is home to the Gungulaja community who lives on the highest coastal mountain in the world, where their culture has remained unchanged for centuries.

From $ 663 USD

The magic of the Amazon rainforest

Our Amazon excursions intentionally neglect the more commercial tourist sites, offering a more authentic and representative adventure of the tri-border (Colombia – Peru – Brazil) heart of the Amazon rainforest. Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil), are the obligatory starting point to access the most interesting protected areas and indigenous reserves of the Amazon River and its tributaries. This adventure is an intense physical and emotional experience amongst fascinating and unique landscapes. The trips are made on foot, by canoe, and by small motorboats. The places you visit, the routes you take, and the activities offered to allow you to enter the heart of a region that will amaze you with the diversity of its fauna and flora.

From $ 282 USD


For years, in debates over the most beautiful town in Colombia, Barichara’s name has been thrown around constantly. And it is no wonder: a village overlooking a beautiful and deep canyon, with a calming quietness and colonial architecture that will make you go back in time. This 3-day tour package will take you to the magic of a can’t-miss destination in Colombia.

From $ 944 USD

The magic of the Amazon region

A 3 days program that enables you to discover the beauty of the Putumayo area. This is an opportunity for you to connect with nature and exchange with the indigenous communities that live there.

From $ 513 USD

PNN Tuparro

Discover the El Tuparro National Nature Park in the Orinoco region. Its area is part of the department of Vichada. Created in 1970, it covers an area of 548,000 ha and is bathed by the Tomo River to the north and the Tuparro, Tuparrito and Caño Maipurés Rivers to the south.

From $ 146 USD

Tatacoa desert

Located 35 km from the city of Neiva, the village of Villavieja is the gateway to the Tatacoa Desert. This desert, which is actually a dry tropical forest, consists of magnificent candelabra cacti and sandy formations of different colors. Let yourself be tempted by this decor quite surprising.

From $ 405 USD

Cerro Kennedy Trek

Cerro Kennedy is a mountain located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. From the top, you have an amazing view of the snowy peaks of Bolívar and Colón, the city of Santa Marta, and the Ciénaga lagoon. You will also be able to spot many birds.

From $ 555 USD

Discover the wonders and mysteries of Amazonia

Discover this extraordinary destination, off the mainstream tourist trails, which is a unique experience that will take you back in time: the Guaviare.

From $ 368 USD


Cartagena is located next to the sea on the Caribbean coast; it is the capital of Bolívar Department. Founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena is the 5th largest city in Colombia. It is surrounded by a great wall that used to protect it from pirates and invasions. Its architecture includes beautiful colonial houses and picturesque streets, full of life, a delicious sea breeze and numerous tropical fruits, all forming part of the charm of this famous city. It is considered the most beautiful colonial city in South America.

From $ 290 USD

Nature and wildlife in Caquetá

Caqueta is one of a kind. An exotic, unexplored, and diverse region that seems to have escaped the accelerated rhythms of urban life. Caqueta offers the chance to explore untamed jungle sceneries, getting you closer to nature and wildlife. In this 2-day package, you will take a first peek at this exuberance with visits to Las Dalias natural reserve and to one of the most impressive natural sceneries in Caqueta, the 630 feet high Anayacito waterfall.

From $ 770 USD

The charm of the Maloka Zacambu reserve

Our tours in Amazonia avoid deliberately the most popular sites of the region, offering a more authentic and more representative adventure of the 3-border heart (Colombia – Brazil – Peru) in the Amazonian forest. Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil) are the starting point to reach the most interesting protected sectors and the native indigenous communities of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Traveling in this area is a physical, emotional, and strong experience in the middle of a fascinating landscape. We move us walking, in a kayak or in some motorboats. The places visited, the transfers and the activities organized will allow you to enter in the heart of an amazing region by its diversity of fauna and flora. Our services are personalized, flexible, and can change bound to the wishes of our visitors or climatic factors. All are focus on eco and ethno-tourism to offer a real adventure, a cultural exchange close to the nature.

From $ 165 USD

Popayan - Silvia -Popayan

Stroll between Popayan and Silvia, experience a lot of history and soak up the culture of these villages. Popayan, capital of the department of Cauca, called the “White City”, is possibly the most beautiful colonial city in the country. Popayán is also characterized by its religious fervor, particularly during Easter Week, as well as its gastronomy. Silvia, located about 60km from Popayán, is a pleasant little town where numerous indigenous communities meet on Tuesdays, the market day. On this trip you will get to know a typical Colombia, colorful farmers market!

From $ 449 USD

Discovering Mompox

Located on the banks of the Magdalena River, south of Cartagena, Mompox is one of the most beautiful jewels of the colonial era. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city founded by the Spanish in 1530 retains a beautiful colonial architecture, with its houses and churches on the shore of the majestic Magdalena River.

From $ 312 USD

"Cuevas de los Guacharos" National Natural Park

El Encanto is a nature reserve located in the south of the Huila district, an immersion into rural Colombia. A family of coffee growers will welcome you to share their passion not only for coffee, but also for orchids. This nature reserve is also a privileged place for bird watching. It is the starting point to discover the Guacharos National Park, an opportunity for a beautiful trek off the beaten path with incredible landscapes, typical of the border area between the Huila and Caquetá districts.

From $ 1258 USD

Climbing the Tolima glacier

A spectacular trek to the peak of a dormant volcano! The Tolima Volcano is perhaps the most attractive mountain for trekking and climbing in Colombia. The conical volcanic shape offers unique opportunities for outdoor adventures, with the mountain, set inside the Los Nevados national park, rising to an altitude of 5,220m. This itinerary takes us across a number of different Colombian ecosystems, allowing trekkers to fully appreciate the beauty and variety of the Colombian Andes.

From $ 419 USD

Discovery of Medellin and Guatape

25 years ago, the city of Medellin was one of the most dangerous in the world. Today, the city of the “Eternal Spring” is one of the most innovative metropolises in the world. Nearby we find the Piedra del Peñol, one of the most spectacular destinations in Medellin. The 740 steps of the staircase take us to the top of a rock nearly 200 metres high to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and beautiful surroundings. Guatapé is a small quiet village with a pleasant climate, famous for its church and its colourful facades and the skirting boards on the walls of all its houses. A perfect composition to create unforgettable moments during your getaway.

From $ 330 USD

San Agustín

San Agustin is the archaeological capital of Colombia. Its park and the region offer visitors the possibility to immerse themselves in an unreal world surrounded by impressive statues located in the heart of a lush nature.

From $ 809 USD

Whale Watching Plan

The Pacific coast stretches from Panama to Ecuador over a distance of 1300 km. This region has the greatest biodiversity in the country and is the least populated. The Pacific also means rainforests, mangroves, virgin beaches, an incredible biodiversity, whales, and black communities of African descent. El Almejal has its own nature reserve, a tropical forest ecosystem dedicated to the conservation and raising awareness about environmental issues and responsible tourism.

From $ 793 USD

Pacific whales watching

Discover the treasures of Gorgona Island, a former prison that was converted into a Natural National Park. Famous for its rich biodiversity, the island is also known as an ideal place for whale watching.

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Between desert and Caribbean

In the extreme north of Colombia and South America, you find Punta Gallinas, magnificent landscapes of sand dunes, rocky uplands, and cliffs emerging from the sea, embracing the beautiful bay of Hondita. Its exotic beaches and mangrove belts display all the charm of untouched land. In Punta Soldado, Punta Aguja, and La Isla, be prepared for a vital experience that will reveal a new way of life.

From $ 498 USD

Hill of Mavecure

Discover the hills of Mavicure or Mavecure, a group of three monoliths located in the south-east of Colombia, more precisely 50 km south of the city of Inírida, on the river of the same name. They belong to the Guayanés Massif, and have an average height of about 250 m.

Note: The Cerros de Mavecure can be visited all year round, however, the best time is during the dry season from November to the end of March

From $ 490 USD

Caño cristales, the river of five colors

A rainbow-colored stream that serpents in between layers of ancient rock, forming waterfalls and deep natural pools of green, yellow and red in the middle of untouched jungles! It sounds like fiction, but it’s Caño Cristales, a river located at the heart of Los Llanos and La Macarena mountain ranges: Don’t miss the chance to go to one of the most unique places to visit in Colombia.

From $ 238 USD


The Tierradentro region is characterised by the wild beauty of its landscapes. Go hiking, the opportunity to appreciate the strength and extent of this Andean area. Visit the Archaeological Park of Tierradentro, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a major site composed of numerous hypogeums. The landscapes surrounding this park are splendid, creating a special atmosphere, peculiar to this magnificent region.

From $ 695 USD

Cruise to San Blas Islands 5 days

Discover the well-kept secret of the Gunas Indians, more than 360 pearls of white sand scattered in the middle of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean along the Panamanian coast … paradise on earth only a few blocks away from the coast.

From $ 212 USD

La Guajira desert

A dream-like scenery where rocky cliffs and plateaus emerge from desert sand dunes, ending right at the edge of a green ocean. Yes, it is that unique and beautiful. We are talking about Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela, the northern extreme of Colombia and South America. Exotic beaches, mangrove islands, the solitude of a desert landscape. Let us show you Guajira. 

From $ 1065 USD

Wild safari Casanare

Located 180 km from Yopal, Juan Solito Ecolodge welcomes you to its charming infrastructure built with local materials, while staying in touch with the architecture of the region. The various activities offered will allow you to discover the incredible wildlife (howler monkeys, pumas, birds, etc.) living in these beautiful landscapes.

From $ 700 USD

Trekking to the Paramillo del Quindio

The Paramillo of Quindío is a mountain inside the Nevados National Park that offers spectacular panoramic views from the summit (4,750m). Formerly a glacier which, over time, shed its icy exterior, this ecosystem between the Tolima, Santa Isabel and Ruiz volcanoes lauds over the park’s main attractions. This mountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the park, due to its unique geomorphology and its splendid colourful sands, making this a veritable paradise for mountain trek lovers. In just 3 days you will be able to enjoy all this mountain has to offer in the midst of several tropical Andean ecosystems.

From $ 233 USD


Located in the middle of an immense valley at 8600 feet, Bogota is a vibrant cultural epicenter. Museums, restaurants, artistic events, history, music, and a multicultural population that mixes people from all over the country. Dive into one of the most exciting places to visit in Colombia with this 3-day tour package. 


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