Adventure Expeditions

The essence of Adventure Colombia

Adventure Expeditions

These exceptional trips represent the essence of Adventure Colombia. Our passion is to explore the most remote areas of Colombia.

Whether it’s a group departure on a fixed date or a private trip, you will undoubtedly live one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

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Attempt to climb the Tolima glacier

A spectacular trek to the peak of a dormant volcano!

The Tolima Volcano with the conical volcanic shape offers unique opportunities for outdoor adventures, with the mountain, set inside the Los Nevados national park, rising to an altitude of 5,220m. This itinerary takes us across a number of different Colombian ecosystems, allowing trekkers to fully appreciate the beauty and variety of the Colombian Andes.

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Ethnotourism in Araracuara

Nature, adventure and encounters with indigenous communities in an untouched area free from mass tourism. On this expedition, share ancestral traditions, admire unique landscapes such as the Araracuara Canyon, the imposing rocky strait and experience contact with the Pachamama.

From $ 1633 USD

Apaporis River and the community of Morroco

During this expedition, you will live a unique and memorable experience. Between the magnificent landscapes, the cultural exchanges, you will live in total immersion and will fill up with good energies cut from the outside world. As a bonus, you will witness the ancestral dance of Yuruparí, a magical event (unscripted and spontaneous) in danger of extinction. In addition to being an intangible heritage of humanity declared by Unesco, it is an activity that the grandparents of the community wanted to share with outsiders (before they did not show it) because these dances tend to disappear, as the new generations do not practice these sacred acts anymore. Therefore, our presence as visitors means that these dances will be engraved in our memories, in the documentation and will not be forgotten.

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Trekking Otún lagoon and the snowy peak of Santa Isabel.

Get to know the Otún river basin, its majestic lagoon, the Colombian páramo and try to climb Nevado Santa Isabel, in only 3 days!

The Nevado Santa Isabel volcano is a 4995m mountain that rises above the central mountain range in the Colombian Andes. It is considered the least difficult snow-capped mountain to climb. It has 3 independent domes or peaks that rise to different altitudes. Together with its sister mountains: Nevado del Ruiz and Nevado del Tolima, these are the 3 intertropical glacier formations found in the protected area. Andean forests, moors, moraines and glaciers are just a small part of what you can enjoy in this great high mountain expedition.

From $ 636 USD

The hills of Mavecure

Discover the Mavicure or Mavecure hills, a group of three monoliths located in the south-east of Colombia, more precisely 50 km south of the town of Inírida, on the river of the same name. They belong to the Guayanés massif, and have an average height of about 250 m.

This trip is an adventure expedition to one of the most remote areas of the country. The tourist infrastructure is almost non-existent. Travellers have to be able to walk in the sun in stony and sandy terrain. There are no toilets or showers at the campsites, travellers will have access to mobile toilets and will shower in the river without using soap. Travellers must be able to walk with their equipment, so it is advisable to reduce the volume and weight of their equipment.

Rural Tourism with Indigenous Communities: The Cerros de Mavecure is located between the nature reserves of the Venado and Remanso indigenous communities. The development of tourism is progressing slowly. The accommodation offered by the community is basic, not very comfortable but clean, warm and pleasant. We always organise our visits with the indigenous communities.

The indigenous communities that live in this area are in a remote and isolated part of Colombia. Some of the gifts brought back by the travellers are always useful for them, such as: school material, children’s books, clothes in good condition, threads and needles, fishing line, hooks, torch, solar panels and other alternative energy sources.

From $ 683 USD

Humboldt Route Tuparro and Mavecure

Two birds with one stone by following in the footsteps of Alexander Humboldt and visiting two incredible natural national parks in Colombia in one tour. Ecotourism plus ecotourism, a crazy cocktail for those who want to live an exceptional adventure with memorable cultural exchanges.

For a better respect of the communities and the environment, some recommendations are to be taken into account, we will be happy to inform you on the subject.

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Mitú, The heart of the Amazon

Mitú is a land of jungles and rivers. A stay in the territory of Mitú will allow you to rediscover the millenary art of the local indigenous populations, and the crossing of its rivers will reconnect you with nature. An extreme adventure where ecological awareness and ancestral cultures are combined.


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