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Which travel package should I choose?

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, whether it is a free trip or an organized tour, choose the type of trip that suits you best and discover the most beautiful regions of Colombia. We offer personalized trips according to your desires and budget. With over 400 destinations to choose from, 600 hotels and over 300 local guides throughout the country, the possibilities are endless!

Tours in Colombia

You are going to Colombia for the first time and do not know where to go? Our selection of organized tours will help you make your choice and present you Colombia under all its facets: Classic tours, discovery, history and culture, special family tours, hiking, nature, ecotourism, and exchange with local communities… You want to bring your personal touch? Each tour is fully customizable according to your preferences.

Colombia Travel Circuit
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Customized Trips In Colombia

The possibilities are endless when it comes to travel. Discover the most beautiful destinations in Colombia and contact one of our specialist consultants to create a private trip 100% customized. An à la carte trip will allow you to design the itinerary of your dreams, according to your budget and your desires. We will take care of hotel reservations, excursions, transportation and domestic flights. All you have to do is live an unforgettable vacation without worrying about anything.

Getaways in Colombia

Are you an independent traveler and want to visit Colombia at your own pace? Our selection of experiences throughout Colombia will allow you to live a trip in total freedom. You will be able to choose the type of stay that suits you, and the dates you want. The kindness and passion of our local guides will make you discover Colombia in depth and share with them their experience of the country.

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Adventure Expeditions

You have the soul of an adventurer but feel that it would be better to discover the unexplored regions of Colombia with a guide? With our adventure expeditions, you can combine the best of both worlds. Our selection of adventure trips is designed to give you an authentic journey off the beaten path while enjoying the experience and safety of a local guide who is an expert in the region.

Guaranteed Departure

Traveling solo or with friends? Join one of our guaranteed departure tours. Several dates are available throughout the year. Based on a group of 4 to 8 people maximum, these trips are the best opportunity to meet people sharing the same interests: adventure and discovery.

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When? Why? How?

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we do! Our online tours are designed by our experts, but they can be modified endlessly. Don’t hesitate to personalize your experience, we are here to listen and always give good advice.

A tailor-made trip does not have to be an expensive trip. Whether you have a precise idea of your stay or not, we create customized trips according to the tastes and desires of travelers. Basic information is first required such as :

  • departure dates
  • the budget
  • languages spoken
  • the physical level (2h walk or rather 5 …)
  • who is traveling (couple, family, children, group of friends etc…)
  • type of trip (relaxing, adventurous etc…)
  • interests (culture, wildlife, trekking and hiking etc…)
  • special requirement (a destination not to be missed on the spot …)

Based on this information, your travel consultant will then design a tour for you and send you the first version. You will be satisfied as soon as you receive it, but there may be some changes to make. This step will certainly take a few days.

Once your itinerary is validated, our teams take care of the reservations and the logistic organization of your stay (accommodations, excursions, guides, transportation…). The teams also take care of the payments of the service providers, you will only pay on the spot for your possible extras and other souvenirs. Once your itinerary is validated, our teams take care of the reservations and the logistic organization of your stay (accommodations, excursions, guides, transportation…). The teams also take care of the payments of the service providers, you will only pay on the spot for your possible extras and other souvenirs.

Our page Adventurecolombia proposes a section containing escapades that you can modulate according to your desires. We will then take care of the elaboration of the circuit and logistic follow-up.

Tip: Plan your trip as early as possible before your departure date to get the best rates and services.

The tourism professionals will know how to answer your needs by asking you the right questions. They will be able to guide and inform you throughout your trip and take care of you from the preparation of your stay until your return home.

Going through a travel agency is above all peace of mind, leaving with a free mind thanks to professional guidance. In case of a glitch, it is your travel consultant who will take care of any logistical concerns that may arise.

Your travel agent will be able to suggest accommodations or activities that you may not have known about. Travel professionals work hand-in-hand with travel agents. They may offer special services that are only available to people who have booked with the agency.

Colombia is a great place to vacation all year round, although, in general, the best time to travel to Colombia is between December and March and between July and August.

There are two seasons in Colombia: summer and winter. We will speak more about dry season and rainy season.

Rainy Season: The rainiest months are April, May, October, and November. There are many different microclimates in the country. The climate is generally humid. You can perfectly travel to Colombia during the rainy season. For example, on the Caribbean coast, it usually rains in the afternoon or at night.

As for the temperatures, they remain stable throughout the year. Temperatures vary more according to the altitude and the sunshine.

Tip: Don’t rely entirely on Internet weather forecasts. The weather can change from one moment to the next.