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This expedition is an incredible chance to discover the Kogi culture and traditions in the valleys of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, previously forbidden to access. The Navashijue Valley is home to the Gungulaja community who lives on the highest coastal mountain in the world, where their culture has remained unchanged for centuries.

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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Located in the north of Colombia, in the departments of Magdalena, La Guajira and Cesar lies the majestic mountain range of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and its snow-capped…

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Wonderful landscapes


Unforgettable cultural exchange with the Kogis


Sustainable tourism

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Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Colombia Satey Palmor @MateoPerrot Bohringer

Day 1

Santa Marta – Palmor – Finca don Fidel

Departure at dawn from Santa Marta by 4×4 towards the coffee village of Palmor (900m), three hours away. We will take advantage of our stop in the village to have a small snack, soak up the local atmosphere and discover the central square and its surroundings. We will then resume our route by 4×4 on a track whose condition will depend a lot on the weather conditions. Your vehicle will take you to the surroundings of the Finca de Don Fidel (1300m), where you might have to finish the last section on foot. Once you have had a chance to rest, you will enjoy a moment of sharing with your host and his family over a typical lunch. In the afternoon, you will walk to Cherua to visit a finca specialized in the “lulo” culture. On the way, you will make many stops to enjoy an often extraordinary view of the Kogui village of Cherua, as well as over the lush valley. Head back to the Finca de Don Fidel. Dinner at sunset and overnight.

  • L, D
  • 2h30
  • 4h30
  • Finca Don Fidel
Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Colombia Palestina lagunas @MateoPerrot Bohringer

Day 2

Finca don Fidel – Navashijue – Gungulaja

We will start a 5-hour walk early towards the village of Gungulaja (1450m) where we will have the privilege to share a unique moment with the Kogui people. After the first section of pure ascent, we will be able to observe landscapes always more breathtaking and preserved from the human presence. After having evolved in landscapes shaped by the local farmers and their banana, manioc and coffee crops, you will get to the Navashijue valley where the beautiful village of Gungulaja is located. Snack and rest before enjoying a local meal. In the early afternoon, we will visit the village and its surroundings. Meeting with the Mamo, the spiritual leader of the village, then we will enjoy an invigorating and pleasant dip in the river before returning to the village. After observing, if it is discovered, an absolutely beautiful sky, free of any light pollution, we will have dinner and will be able to spend a unique night in our hut built only with materials that the koguis find nearby.

  • B, L, D
  • 5h
  • Hutte indigène
indiens kogis colombie sierra nevada santa marta

Day 3

Gungulaja and surroundings

Ecological walk following the course of the river. We will pass by the site where the old village of Gungulaja was located a little further up the valley, we will be able to see more and more of the traditional plantations of some wax palm trees. Let’s be careful on the road because it is possible to find footprints of the jaguar, sacred animal of the region. After this walk, head back to the village to discover a little more about the life of the Kogui, observe their way of life and exchange with them. We discover the secrets of the preparation of “fique”, a natural fibre used to make “mochilas”. After observing, if it is discovered, an absolutely beautiful sky, free of any light pollution, dinner and second night in our hut built only with materials that the Kogui find nearby.

  • B, L, D
  • 2-3h
  • Hutte indigène
Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Colombia Satey Palmor @MateoPerrot Bohringer

Day 4

Gungulaja – Palmor – Santa Marta

After breakfast, departure and return walk (6h) to Don Fidel’s finca where the 4×4 will be waiting for us. Stopover in Palmor for lunch and departure to the city of Santa Marta for further adventures!

  • B, L
  • 6h
  • 2h30

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