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Our tours in Amazonia avoid deliberately the most popular sites of the region, offering a more authentic and more representative adventure of the 3-border heart (Colombia – Brazil – Peru) in the Amazonian forest. Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil) are the starting point to reach the most interesting protected sectors and the native indigenous communities of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Traveling in this area is a physical, emotional, and strong experience in the middle of a fascinating landscape. We move us walking, in a kayak or in some motorboats. The places visited, the transfers and the activities organized will allow you to enter in the heart of an amazing region by its diversity of fauna and flora. Our services are personalized, flexible, and can change bound to the wishes of our visitors or climatic factors. All are focus on eco and ethno-tourism to offer a real adventure, a cultural exchange close to the nature.

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The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s greatest reservoirs of biodiversity. Besides its insects, animals and plants, this place also represents more than half of the world’s tropical forests….

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Day 1

Leticia – Maloka huitoto (Colombia)

Reception at Leticia’s airport and transfer to Don Plácido Huitoto´s home. Lunch and hike in the jungle to a Huitoto Indigenous Maloka; observation of the fauna and flora, medicinal plants, and traditional crops. Introduction to the Indigenous culture with a Shaman: traditions, myths, legends, and rituals of the Amazonian Indigenous culture. Dinner and night activity (wildlife watching, fishing…)

  • L, D
  • 1h
  • 30mn
  • Hamac avec moustiquaire dans la Maloca
leticia amazonas colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Day 2

Agape nature reserve (Colombia)

Today, you’ll go for a hike in the jungle to the Maloka of Boras, and from there go swimming in the Quebrada Takana. You’ll be able to have cultural exchanges with a Shaman about traditions, myths, legends and rituals of the Amazon. After this, you’ll head to the Agape Natural Reserve.
Time for lunch and then climbing in the trees, with safety netting and harnesses, to a 115 foot high platform to enjoy a panoramic view of the Amazonian jungle. Dinner and accommodation in the reserve (possibility of camping on the platform).

  • B, L, D
  • 2h
  • 30mn
  • Tente ou cabane
amazonas puerto nariño colombia ©PierreMuglia

Day 3

The Zacambu reserve (Peru)

Today, you’ll hike in the jungle to San Pedro de los Lagos Indigenous community. From there, you’ll kayak on Yahuarcara and Victoria Regia lakes. You’ll have lunch in Flor de Loto and make your way down the Amazon River in Peru to the Zacambu Lake. You’ll be able to observe fauna and flora, pink dolphins, and white sand beaches. Dinner and accommodation in a family house, with the observation of caimans at night.

  • B, L, D
amazonas puerto nariño colombia ©PierreMuglia

Day 4

Javari et Amazone River – Leticia (Brazil-Colombia)

You’ll start the day with a boat trip on the Javarí and Amazon River. You’ll visit the Brazilian town of Benjamin Constant. Along the way, you’ll be able to look for pink dolphins. From there, you’ll return to Leticia and Tabatinga, and visit artisanal handicraft shops. Farewell and transfer to the airport.

  • B, L
  • 1h
  • 3h

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