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This circuit is designed for sports and adventure fans. Composed of trekking in different regions of the country with spectacular and varied landscapes. San Jose del Guaviare and the Caribbean coast, you will discover the Guajira, a peninsula in the north of Colombia, almost deserted and full of contrasts between sea, sand, coal, salt, cactus and an emerald oasis. The Tayrona takes us to a magical place located between the mountains, the tropical forest and the sea. The Lost City, this mythical archaeological site represents an urban location of the Tayrona civilization surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

*Domestic flights not included, count 100-120 euros per flight/person. (This tour includes 3 domestic flights)

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Highlights of this trip

San José del Guaviare where the Puerta de Orion is located, an enigmatic rock formation 15 metres high in which the Orion Belt can be seen.
Discover Tayrona Park, with the prettiest beaches in the country and ancestral volcanic stones bathed in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.
The Lost City, located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world's highest mountain by the sea.
The charm of Barichara, one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia, and its walk to Guane, a small colonial village.
Rafting and paragliding over the Chicamocha canyon.
La Guajira, cradle of the Wayuu culture, a place where legend and reality merge.
Day by Day

Detailed Itinerary

cundinamarca bogota candelaria colombia Bogota Candelaria© camille ayral USO LIBRE 3

Welcome to Colombia

Arrival at the airport of Bogota, the Andean capital, and transport to your hotel.
  Casa De La Vega
bogota candelaria cundinamarca colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Bogota Walking tour

Walking Tour, Urban Discovery
Discover the center of Bogota the local way. The walking tour of the capital will take you through the most authentic places in the city. Walking city tour in the center. You will discover the colonial district of La Candelaria, Bogota's historical center and its squares and markets. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and to understand the local way of life.
  Casa De La Vega
mirador cerro azul guaviare colombia © tristan quevilly SOLO AC

Bogota - San Jose del Guaviare

Private transport from your hotel to Bogota airport.
Domestic flight, reception at San Jose del Guaviare airport and transfer to your hotel.
  San Jose Capital
Guaviare San Jose del Guaviare colombia Caminatas Equipe Aventure Colombia Guaviare Paseo Integracion Puerta de Orion rupestre guaviare San Jose del Guaviare TristanTristan Quevilly Solo AC

Cerro azul

History, Art & Culture, Outdoor
After breakfast, depart in an all-terrain vehicle to Cerro Azul, a small tepuy in the middle of the jungle. Here, the mural paintings show us 10,000 years of history and indigenous legends. After crossing a cave more than 200 meters long (we'll bring a lantern), we will reach a spectacular viewpoint of the Serrania de La Lindosa, where the Amazon and the great plains of Colombia meet. On the way back we will discover another mural where the richness and size of the cave paintings leave us in awe. These paintings are a real open-air library where we’re able to learn a little more about the rituals and culture of the proud Amazon Indians.
  B, L
puerto arturo guaviare colombia © tristan quevilly SOLO AC

Raudal angosturas II and cave paintings

Fauna&Flora, Waterfall, Boat Trip
After breakfast, hike to one of the most mysterious places in the Guaviare jungle. We will leave by boat along the Guaviare River and then the Guayabero River. We'll head in the direction of the unique cave paintings, painted on the rock as if on a canvas. Plants, animals, hunters, traditional cults, bright red pictograms immerse us in centuries of knowledge, showing us the life of the local Indians on the banks of rivers. We’ll enjoy this unique nature on the way back with a refreshing break at the waterfall of the Cueva del Amor.
  B, L
  San Jose Capital
Tranquilandia Orion San Jose del Guaviare Colombia @ Mathieu Perrot Bohringer

Oríon door and Tranquilandia

Outdoor, Waterfall, Swimming
After breakfast, depart early for a very special hike. You will be amazed by the majestic Puerta de Orion. We will gladly wander through the valley of labyrinths, and explore the dark and mysterious Nevera cave, before finally arriving at the spectacular site of Tranquilandia, an oasis of colors in the middle of the jungle (between June and December) or we’ll swim in the Las Delicias waterfall (depending on the water level).
  B, L
  Casa Terra
boyaca villa de leyva infiernito colombia ©Frank Charton SOLO AC

Horseback riding in the desert

Horse Ride, History, Art & Culture, Archeology
Visit several sites around Villa de Leyva. The Moniquira archaeological park with its ancient Muisca astronomical center, in which they used stone monoliths in the form of phallus (symbol of the fertility) and the sun rays to determine the seasons, and establish a calendar for the harvests cultures. Visit the fossil of a Kronosaurus (more than 120 million years old), the Pozos Azules (natural pools with possibility of swimming) as well as Casa Barro (a terracotta house made of clay).
  Casa Terra
santander guane colombia ©MathieuPerrotBorhinger USO LIBRE

Hike to Guane

Outdoor, Museum
Transport in beautiful Andean landscapes from Villa de Leyva to Barichara.
Then we will walk along an ancient path « El Camino Real » where we will go down to a little village called Guane, where time seems to stand still. Houses built of Bahareque, with nice views over the canyon and the Suarez river, and its small archeological museum (closed on wednesday) will take us to the past. Possibility to have lunch in town. Then return to Barichara by the end of the afternoon by bus.
  Posada Sueños De Antonio
santander canon chicamocha colombia Chicamocha Colombie Curiti Parapente Paysage©anonimo USO LIBRE

Rafting and paragliding

Sport, Adventure
Enjoy an amazing 20 to 25 minute tandem paragliding flight with a certified pilot. The ride starts at the top of the majestic canyon, where the flight conditions are excellent to glide in the hot air currents. You will get to relax and enjoy the unique and stunning scenery of Colombia while you fly.

In the afternoon, 11 kilometres rafting experience on the Fonce River with different grades of rapids, from classes 1 to 3. (Approximately 2h).
  Posada Sueños De Antonio
cañon de chicamocha@laure

Barichara - Bucaramanga airport - Riohacha

Transport from Barichara to Bucaramanga Airport via the majestic scenery of the Chicamocha Canyon. Domestic flight then reception at Riohacha airport and transfer to your hotel.
punta gallinas bahia hondita guajira colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Riohacha - Manaure - Cabo de la Vela

Art & Culture, Ecoturism, Swimming, Beach
Welcome in the city of Riohacha and departure to Cabo de la Vela. We pass through Uribia, the indigenous capital of Colombia. From there we will leave the road for the desert paths to Manaure. Free time and explanation of the workings of the Manaure Saltworks. Resumption of the journey to Cabo de la Vela. Lunch. Visit to the Pillar of Azucar. Free time to enjoy the beach. Departure to watch the sunset from the lighthouse and swim in one of the beautiful Guajira beaches.
  B, L, D
macuira guajira colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Cabo de la Vela - Dunas de Taroa - Punta Gallinas

Beach, Sunset, Exploration
This morning we set off again in the direction of Punta Gallinas, and on the way visit a wind farm, the port village of Puerto Bolivar and the bay of Portete. Lunch in a typical finca at Pusheo beach. Visit to the dunes and the beach of Taroa, an incredible place where the golden dunes and the Caribbean Sea meet. At the end of the afternoon, we will be able to admire another sunset at the Punta Gallinas lighthouse, the northernmost place in South America.
  B, L, D
punta gallinas dunas taroa guajira colombia © tristan quevilly SOLO AC 25 18 1

Punta Gallinas - Uribía - Riohacha

Fauna&Flora, Exploration, Boat Trip
Departure to Uribia via Bahia Hondita by boat. Observation of mangroves, pelicans and other species. Visit of Pusheo beach in Bahia Honda. Return to Riohacha.
Private transportation will take you from Riohacha to Parque Tayrona.
  B, L
  Posadas Ecoturisticas Seineken

Tayrona park, arrecifes and Cabo San Juan

Swimming, Hiking, Ecoturism, Fauna&Flora
You start with a hike in the tropical jungle from Cañaveral. Then, you'll visit the exotic beaches of Arrecifes and stop at La Piscina, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling (not included). Continue to reach Cabo San Juan del Guia (2h-2h30 hike from the park entrance), a wonderful, white sandy bay, surrounded by huge volcanic rocks. On the way, your guide will show you the local fauna and flora, followed by lunch (not included) on the beach. Head back to the park entrance along the same path (2h-2h30 hike), and bus ride back to your hotel in the late afternoon.
  Posadas Ecoturisticas Seineken
ciudad perdida sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Mamey region

Trekking, Swimming, NATURE, Cultural Exchange
The tour will begin in the oldest Colombian city, Santa Marta, by van to the Aguacatera sector, where we will change to a 4×4 that will take us to the mamey’s sector (Machete Pelao), where you will have lunch. After having lunch, you will start a trek of 7.6 km. to the first camp (Adam’s hut, rural community), where we will spend the night. We will also make a stop at a crystalline water river to enjoy a refreshing dip. At night, an indigenous guide will talk to you about the history and customs of his community. He will be able to also teach you some phrases in the dumana language and give us information about the region.
  B, L, D
ciudad perdida sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Mutanyi and Buritaca river

Swimming, Fauna&Flora, Trekking, Cultural Exchange
Start a trek and halfway through, we visit the Mutanzhi indigenous community where we will be able to interact with its settlers. After this, we will arrive at the third hut (Paraíso Teyuna hut, indigenous community). It is located 830 meters above sea level, so we will be at the foot of Teizhuna (teyuna), Tayrona's sacred city. During this tour, we will see a good deal of the flora and fauna in this beautiful and unique terrain, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. In the afternoon, we will go for a dip in the river and relax; later, at night, our guide will talk to us a little bit more about the Lost City and its sacred meaning for the indigenous people of the Sierra.
  B, L, D
ciudad perdida lost city sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © tristan quevilly 96

The lost city

Art & Culture, Cultural Exchange, Ecoturism
Morning departure to the mythical Lost City! To get to the sacred city we will go up 1200 steps, built by the ancient Tayronas. After approximately an hour, we will arrive at the city and go for a tour through the several sacred places in that area. There, el Mamo (spiritual indigenous leader) will narrate sacred stories for you and share his wisdom. At 11 am we will return to the third hut to have lunch. After eating, we will begin a 5 to 6 hour way down to the second camp (Mumake hut, indigenous community), where you will spend the night.
  B, L, D
ciudad perdida colombia sierra nevada de santa marta © frank charton

Machete Pelao

Swimming, Waterfall, Outdoor
In the morning, we are going to El Mamey (Machete Pelao). Halfway there, we visit a small natural waterfall to go for a refreshing dip. After arriving to el Mamey, we will have lunch; then a vehicle will pick us up and drive us to La Aguacatera’s sector. There we will take a van that will drive us back to Santa Marta. Return arrival is approximately at 4:00 p.m.
  B, L
  Casa Verde
cartagena bolivar colombia © tristan quevilly SOLO AC 4 2

Santa Marta - Cartagena

Private transport from Santa Marta, the oldest city in Colombia, to Cartagena.
  Casa De Lucy
bolivar cartagena colombia Architecture Cartagena© camille ayral SOLO AC 8 2


Urban Discovery, Graffitis, Stroll
Free day in Cartagena to enjoy the pearls of the Caribbean.
  Casa De Lucy
bolivar cartagena de indias Colombia Bolivar Cartagena Colombie© franck charton SOLO AC

End of the adventure

End of the adventure of memories full of head full of the desire to come back to do the trek of Los Nevados, to dive in the heart of the Amazon, to discover the crystalline Cano, to see the whales of the Pacific and the birth of baby turtles etc.... Who knows? See you soon !

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