Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

    The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a unique pyramid-shaped mountain located at the northern end of the Andes in northern Colombia. On its slopes live four different but related indigenous peoples: the Arhuacos (or Ikas), the Wiwa, the Kogis and the Kankuamos.

    sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © Tristan Quevilly
    Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia © TristanQuevilly


    punta gallinas guajira colombia © Tristan Quevilly
    punta gallinas guajira colombia © TristanQuevilly


    Silvia isthe city of the indigenous Guambiano community. The traditional clothing of this ethnic group reminds us of the Peruvian peoples. The Guambiano live in the outskirts of the city. Silvia is a pleasant municipality where many indigenous communities meet on Tuesdays, market day. It is a typical Colombia and a colorful market that you will discover.

    misak guambianos colombia
    Misak Guambianos Colombia




    Araracuara colombia
    Amazonas-araracuara-Colombia ©colombia-ocult

    Leticia & Puerto Nariño

    leticia amazonas colombia © Tristan Quevilly
    Leticia Amazonas Colombia © TristanQuevilly

    Cerros de Mavecure

    The Cerro de Mavecure consists of three hills: Pajarito, Mono and Mavicure (respectively 170, 480 and 712 meters high)2, which can only be accessed by river; the average travel time is two hours.

    These hills are considered one of the main sites of tourist interest in the department of Guainía, they are located right in the middle of the indigenous puinave reserve of El Remanso.

    llanos cerros de mavecure Colombia Cerros de Mavecure Colombie© franck charton SOLO AC 10
    Cerros de Mavecure Colombie © franckcharton


    El Tuparro National Natural Park is part of the ancestral territory of theindigenous communities Sikuani-Guahibo, Sáliva-Piaroa, Makú-Puinave and Curripaco.

    Destinations off the beaten track, ideal for fishing, climbing or ecological trekking in the different trails, appreciating the ecosystems and landscapes, an ideal opportunity to get to know the indigenous communities of the region and the beauty of the Amazon and the Colombian Orinoquia.

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