Cerros de Mavecure

Located in one of the most remote areas of the country. The tourist infrastructure is almost non-existent. Discover the hills of Mavicure or Mavecure, a set of three monoliths located in the southeast of Colombia, more precisely 50 km south of the city of Inírida, on the river of the same name. They belong to the massif of Guayanés, and have an average height of about 250 m.

Rural Tourism with Indigenous Communities: The Cerros de Mavecure are located between the natural reserves of the indigenous communities Venado and Remanso. The development of tourism is advancing slowly. The indigenous communities that live in this area are located in a remote and isolated area of Colombia.

cerros de mavecure llanos © frank charton
Cerros de mavecure Llanos © frankcharton

La Guajira

La Guajira is a peninsula in the north of Colombia, almost deserted and full of contrasts between sea, sand, coal, salt, cactus and an emerald oasis. Cradle of the Wayuu culture, great craftsmen weavers of hammocks, bags and costumes, children of the earth and the rain, a place where legend and reality merge.

La Guajira stands out for its extraordinary richness in terms of images and colors. The desert is decorated with stones and plunges into the Caribbean Sea. It is a magical destination where the indigenous Wayuu customs are rooted.

guajira punta gallinas bahia hondita colombia ©anonimo USO LIBRE
guajira punta gallinas bahia hondita colombia ©anonimo USO LIBRE


Jurubida is a small village in the department of Choco. This region lives from tourism, fishing and agriculture.

It is a wonderful destination for ecotourism and whale watching. This place is visited by Colombians and foreigners alike thanks to its cultural, natural and gastronomic wealth. It is a unique destination on the Pacific coast.

jurubira choco pacifico colombia 3© Tristan Quevilly
Jurubira choco pacifico colombia ©TristanQuevilly


Nature, adventure and meeting with indigenous communities in a place still virgin and free of mass tourism. Unique landscapes such as the Araracuara Canyon, the imposing rocky strait, a unique experience in contact with the Pachamama.

Araracuara Caqueta Colombia @MathieuPerrot Bohringer 27
Araracuara Caqueta Colombia @MathieuPerrotBohringer

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Located in the north of Colombia, in the departments of Magdalena, La Guajira and Cesar, is the majestic mountain range with snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Sierra is home to the Teyuna Archaeological Park (the Lost City), cradle of the Tayronas Indians, the most important indigenous civilization in the country. Approximately 30,000 indigenous descendants of the Tayronas, belonging to the four ethnic groups Kogi, Arhuaco, Kankuamo and Wiwa, as well as the “elder brothers”, still live there. UNESCO declared the Sierra Nevada a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site in 1979. 

Sierra nevada Santa Marta @MathieuPerrot Bohringer
Sierra nevada Santa Marta @MathieuPerrotBohringer

Los Nevados

It is one of the most important mountain systems in Colombia, it is composed of 5 mountains with snowy peaks: Nevado del Ruíz, Nevado del Tolima, Nevado de Santa Isabel, Nevado del Quindío and Nevado del Cisne.

parque los nevados tolima colombia © frank charton
Parque los nevados tolima colombia © frankcharton


The world of the Colombian plains, its majestic sunsets, the impressive rivers such as Caño Cristales. The Colombian plains promise their visitors unparalleled experiences, under a unique landscape, you will see the riders galloping in infinite distances accompanied by a particular fauna. These vast plains end with the birth of the Amazonian forest.

Casanare Los Llanos Colombia Hato Berlin San Luis @MathieuPerrot Bohringer
Casanare Los Llanos Colombia Hato Berlin San Luis @MathieuPerrot Bohringer

San Jose del Guaviare

The department has been marked by violence and illicit crops in Colombia, but the efforts of the Colombian government have allowed its inhabitants to focus more and more on agricultural and livestock activities.

Tranquilandia Orion San Jose del Guaviare Colombia @ Mathieu Perrot Bohringer
Tranquilandia Orion San Jose del Guaviare Colombia @MathieuPerrotBohringer

Tuparro park

Tuparro Park was declared a National Monument in 1982 and is located in the Orinoquia region of Colombia. It is composed of a variety of canyons of crystal clear water, golden beaches and large rivers that make the charm of this wonderful destination. In this region, you can meet monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins, as well as different species of exotic birds.

Vichada Rio Orinoco Colombia Parque Tuparro @MathieuPerrot Bohringer
Vichada Rio Orinoco Colombia Parque Tuparro @MathieuPerrot Bohringer


Summits of silence, glaciers and eternal snows, lakes in altitude with multiple colors and surprising vegetation… In the wild beauty of these remote territories still live some mountain people and farmers: humble, simple and hardworking people.

Thanks to its climate and topography, the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy has a great biodiversity (Colombia is the 2nd country in the world with the most biodiversity) with an ecosystem of “Páramo”, a vegetation composed of mosses that abound with a large amount of water. This ecosystem is found in only 4 countries in the world: Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Kenya, especially on the line in the middle of the equator.
This region is particularly known for its “Frailejones” which are plants with large downy leaves, with flowers.

We find in the park bears, pumas, white-tailed deer, the famous Andean condor, but also the brown-breasted conure, a bird endemic to Colombia and the stenocercus lache, a colorful endemic lizard that can live up to 4000m of altitude

boyaca sierra nevada cocuy colombia ©MathieuPerrotBorhinger
Boyaca sierra nevada cocuy colombia ©MathieuPerrotBorhinger

Chicamocha Canyon

The Chicamocha Canyon is located in the departments of Boyacá and Santander. It is a geographical accident in the rivers of the Chicamocha River. It is in Bucaramanga that the canyon reaches its maximum depth.

santander canon chicamocha colombia chicamocha colombie copyright pierremugliat solo ac
santander cañon chicamocha colombia @pierremugliat

Raudal de Jirijirimo

amazonas vaupes raudal jirijirimo colombia Amazonas Cascade Colombie Jirijirimo Paysage©JiriThomas USO INTERNO
Amazonas Vaupes Raudal jirijirimo colombia ©JiriThomas

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