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Palomino overview

Palomino is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on the edge of the crystal blue waters of the Palomino River. The river flows down from the heights of the Sierra Nevada to the Caribbean Sea.

Palomino is a small fishing village located between the mountains and the sea. The population is made up of Caribs and indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada: Kogi, Arhuako, Wiwa and Kankuamo.

The turquoise-blue sea and the deserted white sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles and the beautiful tropical vegetation of the beaches… From this paradisiacal setting you can see the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its snow covered peaks.

The highest peaks are Cristóbal Colón and Simón Bolívar, each measuring 5,775 km. They are only 42 kilometres from the Caribbean coast.

Palomino is a mystical and charming place, where you can surf and have fogatas (campfires). It is a village that is still untouched by mass tourism.

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