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Puerto Nariño is a small municipality, with an area of 1876km², located in the Amazonas region. The average temperature is 30°C. It is the gateway to Lake Tarapoto (the natural habitat of pink dolphins) and has a very rich culture. The population of this municipality is mostly composed of indigenous Tikuna and Yaguas, who have maintained an ecological lifestyle, which in turn has contributed to the development of ecotourism in the area. This precious municipality has some of the most beautiful landscapes that the Amazon has to offer.

Although there are pedestrian crossings, motorised transport is not allowed in order to keep the area as clean as possible. There are also many recycling initiatives and volunteers who help to keep it clean. Rainwater is collected for various activities.

Black water and native plants that are unique to this area can be found here. The economy is supported by fishing and ecotourism. This place is proof that nature and man can live together in harmony.

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