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Honda overview

The municipality of Honda is located in the northern part of the department of Tolima and forms a border with the departments of Cundinamarca and Caldas. The municipality preserves its colonial architecture influenced by the Spanish since the conquest.

You can enjoy historical places, such as the Navarro Bridge, the street of Las Trampas and the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Rosario. There are many hotels and the friendliness of its inhabitants make this place an attractive destination.

Honda is surrounded by a series of mountains and hills, including the Meseta de los Palacios and Cerro Caco in Pelota, from which the city can be seen. The landscape is typical of dry climates and this allows for a wide variety of fauna, natural vegetation and a great diversity of birds.

The region is crossed by one of the most important rivers in Colombia, the Magdalena River, but also by the Gualí and Guarinó rivers and various quebradas (streams). The economy is largely supported by tourism (agrotourism, ecotourism and aquatourism), livestock, fishing and cotton, rice and sorghum plantations.

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