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Puerto López is located in the department of Meta and is considered the heart of Colombia, as it is the geographical centre of the country. Puerto López is also one of the most important river ports of the Meta River. Several rivers run through the city. The most important in terms of the hydrological network is the Meta River. The town is connected to the Eastern Llanos by the Meta River and to Venezuela by the Orinoco River.

Puerto López and its surroundings are considered the most important agricultural region in the department of Meta. Rice, corn, yuca and fruit plantations are found here. The economy of the region is also based on livestock, fishing, trade and transport.

The city of Puerto Lopez is located in the department of La Meca, and its surface area is 17,499km². The main economic activities are cattle breeding, agriculture, trade and fishing. The port is also characterised by its oil activity. It began its transformation in the 21st century, making Colombia one of the most important oil producers in the world. The port has a large number of canals, the most important being the Meta River. The city’s tourist attractions are the Jorge Eliécer Gaitan Park, the Maria Madre de la Iglesia Cathedral, the Francisco José de Caldas Park, the Ecological Park, and the Fine Arts Centre.

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