Those who visit the Colombian capital and who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet have nothing to worry about. Bogotá offers not only a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants, but also vegetarian markets, bakeries and pastry shops with gluten-free products, vegetarian sausages, vegetarian cooking courses and more.

Colombians have a culinary tradition in which beef and other animals play a very important role. Depending on which region of Colombia you are in, you may find yourself with typical breakfasts in which the morning coffee will be accompanied by a large portion of meat, as for example in the Caribbean region of Colombia. Fortunately, Colombia has a great variety of fruits and vegetables as well as products made from corn that can compensate for the excess protein!

Following the HappyCow site you can find a large number of these establishments. Here at Aventure Colombia we present you the top 5 best vegetarian restaurants and restaurants with vegan options in Bogota:


51st Street#9-73

With its motto “every day something different” this restaurant in which its owner and chef Felipe Forero, prepares a daily menu that never repeats and others that do, such as the exquisite lasagna; is one of the favorites of vegetarians and non-vegetarians for its selection of fresh and alternative seasonal ingredients. Felipan also produces gluten-free pizzas, sandwiches, chocolates, cookies and wholemeal breads. We recommend their eggplant lasagna in garlic sauce!


136 Street #18-07

This vegetarian restaurant processes its food under the Ayurvedic technique. The menu of the day includes soup, main course, fruit juice and dessert. Fractales is also a space where activities aimed at improving the quality of life of people through the approach of holistic medicine, meditation, yoga, among others. It has a shop where they sell organic products.

We recommend that you try their specialty: The vegetarian paisa tray, the Fractales version of the typical dish of the department of Antioquia. Only on Fridays. Excellent!


Race 13 No. 29 – 31

With a focus on healthy eating and respect for the environment. Suna is committed to gourmet vegetarian food with natural ingredients and a lot of creativity in its preparations. They promote recycling and consumption of seasonal food. It has 4 locations in Bogota. In addition to an organic market where among others you can find baby products, certified organic vegetables and fruits and homemade breads. A bar called Biobar will open soon to offer sugar-free smoothies, juices and digestive tonics as well as snacks and salads. Don’t miss their online recipes and their Calentado del Altiplano!


Avenida Caracas No 32-69

Govinda means Krishna temple. In this Hindu style restaurant up to three vegetarian menus are served between 12 and 3pm. It is a simple place and the prices are within reach of every pocket. The view of the hills of Bogotá from the second floor is spectacular. A healthy and quiet environment to eat at noon.

Govindas offers yoga classes and vegetarian cooking courses among others. In the basement is the temple where prayers are held on Friday nights. Govindas also has a boutique where you can find vegetarian food, music and clothing from India.

Easel and Eggplant

Cll 120a #6-25

Vegan restaurant in Usaquen. A perfect space to share with friends. Caballete y Berenjena was created by a couple who are passionate about healthy food and quality ingredients. It offers all kinds of dishes from pasta to rice, sandwiches and their specialty: hamburgers. It is a festive atmosphere where they celebrate for example The Vegan Burger Festival or The Vegan Barbecue or the Veg Mex Festival. Don’t miss the dates with live music and our favorite: the Falafel Tabulé Burger with homemade French fries!

Don’t hesitate, come and discover Colombia with Aventure Colombia, an experience for all the senses!

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