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There’s no better place to drink coffee than Bogota. Colombia has been legendary for its coffee for as long as we know, but the coffee culture in this city is still growing- therefore, there are countless options to enjoy the best colombian coffee in Bogota that aren’t limited to a regular coffee shop, but incredibly cool and modern spaces where you will enjoy spending your time. Most independent coffee shops now have wifi, coffee stores, organic coffee options, and even workshops to get certified as a barista. We’ve listed our favorite coffee shops in Bogota where you can work, read, meet friends, or even take your dogs for a relaxing afternoon.


Currently a staple in the coffee shop scene in Bogota, Masa has 3 beautiful locations where you will find the absolute most delicious bread and pastries in the city, and of course, delicious colombian coffee.
Bonus: their Calle 70 location is pet friendly.
Tip: don’t miss out on their carrot donut and almond milk cappuccino.


We’re a Colombian – French agency, so naturally we love all french things in Bogota. Mistral is an adorable little place with the best breakfast food, five-star quality bread and obviously, amazing coffee. Additionally, the servers are friendly and the place is very welcoming- you could stay here all day working on your laptop or reading a book.

Amor Perfecto

Amor Perfecto is a coffee enthusiast haven. You can pick from many different types of coffee and brewing techniques, which will be demonstrated to you in-situ. It is one of the most awarded coffee brands in Colombia, and the place offers an unforgettable coffee experience with very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Juan Valdez

If you’ve been to Bogota, you probably know there is a Juan Valdez coffee shop in every corner. The Juan Valdez Origenes location is special, however, because they offer  brews that aren’t available in their other locations, and is considerably bigger than the average Juan Valdez joint. Locals love visiting this coffee shop to spend a relaxing time enjoying some of the best coffee in the city.   


Coffee lovers beware: this relatively new place has earned a spot among the best coffee shops in Bogota. As coffee and tea specialists, Varietale attract a young and vibrant crowd. It’s around all the main tourist attractions in Bogota, so make sure you give this sweet spot in La Candelaria a try when you’re done exploring the neighborhood, or during a break between museums.

Les Amis

This charming Argentinian coffee shop (now with two locations!) is a real gem. Their coffee is absolutely perfect, but you’ll also be blown away by their heavenly pastries such as medialunas and pellizcos. Visit them for breakfast or for a quiet afternoon coffee because either way, you’ll fall in love and want to come back. 


For the experimental coffee lovers, Libertario in the trendy Zona G neighborhood offers some exotic coffee varieties that you’ll want to try. It’s a small but charming venue, and their specialty coffees will surprise you.

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