Mompox is the ideal destination if you want to discover a colonial jewel, less known than Cartagena, but still beautiful. It is a destination still authentic and preserved from mass tourism, where you will have the impression to make a trip in the past!

In this article, you will discover all the beauty and magic of this romantic destination in the heart of the Caribbean hinterland. With the help of this practical guide you will know what to see and do in Mompox, while being prepared for a hot, but sublime trip. 

The essentials of Mompox and its surroundings

  • Mompox, religious and cultural centre of the Caribbean
  • What to see in Mompox and its surroundings? Visit the historical and religious centre, take a boat trip down the Magdalena River and El Pijiño, visit Aracataca.
  • What to do in Mompox? From boat trips to cultural discoveries, have a great time in Mompox!
  • When to visit Mompox? From December to April
  • Health and equipment needed during your stay in Mompox: Beware of the many mosquitoes!
  • What are the main events in Mompox? Don’t miss Holy Week!

Mompox in video :

Santa Cruz de Mompox or Mompós is located in the north of Colombia, in the interior of the Caribbean Coast. Known as the “Savannah of the Caribbean”, this city is one of the most beautiful jewels of the colonial era. Mompox has been declared a cultural and religious heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

A destination off the beaten track.

It is a little known destination hidden in the middle of the Momposina depression that joins the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. This city, built on an island in the middle of the Magdalena River, has the particularity of being surrounded by water, and of preserving a very beautiful colonial architecture. A religious city par excellence, Mompós (or Mompox, one can say both) is also the cradle of Cumbia!

It is the symbol of all the imagination that surrounds the works of Garcia Marquez, and especially his work Macondo. It was Gabriel Garcia Marquez who said “Mompox does not exist, sometimes we dream of her, but she does not exist. This is where Toto la Momposina, a great Colombian singer, was born.

What to see in and around Mompox?

The historical and religious centre

This is the first thing you will visit when you arrive in Mompox. The historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the time to stroll through the colourful streets, an open-air museum with many colonial churches, including the Immaculada Concepción, Santa Barbara and San Agustín churches. You will also find the San Carlos cloister, the museum of religious art and the city’s cemetery.

Not to be missed! You should definitely take the opportunity to visit a goldsmith’s workshop where you can admire the superb jewellery of all kinds. This is a must-see.

Our tip: This is the perfect place to stroll during sunset to make your stay in Mompox unforgettable.

mompox bolivar colombia © Tristan Quevilly
Mompox Bolivar Colombia ©TristanQuevilly

La Cienaga de Pijiño

After a short stroll through the historic centre, go on a boat to enjoy some fresh air and natural scenery. 

The Ciénaga de Pijiño is a surreal world of inland lakes and marshes, with exceptional wildlife (monkeys, iguanas, birds, etc.). It is also a world of fishermen.

What to do in the Cienaga de Pijiño?

You will stroll by boat in this labyrinth of water, meeting howler monkeys and birds by the thousands! It is truly a soothing and beautiful sight! For us, the best time to visit Pijiño is at the end of the day, when the colours are at their most beautiful.

mompox bolivar colombia © Tristan Quevilly
Mompox Bolivar Colombia ©TristanQuevilly

Magdalena river

You won’t be able to miss it! It borders the city of Mompox, making it bucolic and enchanting. It is the most important river in Colombia with a length of more than 1,500 km. It occupies a large part of the territory between the central and eastern cordilleras of the Andes.

Did you know that? It is possible to navigate this river from Honda to the mouth of the Caribbean Sea! A real expedition for the adventurous.

Don’t forget! In Mompóx, don’t miss a stroll along the Malecón with its beautiful colonial buildings along the river.

Goldsmiths’ workshops

This gold work is the speciality of Mompox and you are bound to see the locals practising their art. Gold filigree (where gold is worked to create jewellery or textile weaving) is one of the town’s specialities. The quality of this craft is recognized worldwide!

Be curious! If you go through San Francisco or San Miguel streets, you can still admire the work of the masters of traditional silversmithing and marvel at the necklaces, earrings or small fish (symbol of the city of Mompox).

Things to do in Mompox ? Aventure Colombia Activities

Walking tour, boat trip, 3 day tour … discover our list of activities to do in the Mompox area. Contact Aventure Colombia for more information and/or booking ([email protected])

From Cartagena to Santa Marta via Mompox – 3 days

This 3 day tour from Cartagena to Santa Marta will take you all the way around the Caribbean savannah. Take time to explore the Caribbean hinterland. A break inland, along the Magdalena River, will allow you to get to know a less touristy region and a city classified as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

Walking tour and visit to Cienaga de Pijiño

On this walking tour and boat trip to Mompox, you will discover the well-preserved colonial architecture with its houses and churches along the Magdalena River.

Visit the parks, cultural museums, colonial and prestigious houses of Mompox, to encounter a rich and surprising history.

In the afternoon, you will leave for a boat trip on the Magdalena River. You will visit the marshes of Pijiño where you will bathe and observe the local fauna and flora, in beautiful landscapes, with a beautiful light at the end of the day.

  • Allow 1 day for the excursion.  
mompox cienaga pijiño bolivar colombia © Tristan Quevilly
Cienaga Pijiño Bolivar Colombia ©TristanQuevilly

Mompox : Restaurants

EL COMEDOR COSTEÑO One of the best places in town to try the local cuisine. The fish dishes are excellent. In the dining room or on the terrace, very pleasant. Address: Calle de la Albarrada 18-45 Opening days and times: Mon – Sun: 7am – 5pm. Prices: Dishes between $10,000 and $20,000

CASA REAL A good place to dine, with typical dishes and delicious sauces. Address: Carrera 2 n° 19-39, calle del medio Opening days and times: Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm Prices: dishes between $15,000 and $25,000

LAS DELICIAS DE CHEMY Good for the evening, with typical dishes and a tempting ice cream menu. Address: Calle 12 n° 2-36 Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 6pm – 9pm Prices: Dishes between $10,000 and $25,000

PUERTO BAMBU Very good quality fast food restaurant that can be served on the terrace or in the dining room. You can also just have a drink. Address: Calle 17A, Plaza de la Concepción Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 5pm – 10pm Prices: Dishes between $8,000 and $20,000

mompox bolivar colombia © Tristan Quevilly
Mompox Bolivar Colombia ©TristanQuevilly

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