Nabusimake overview

Hidden inside the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Nabusímake is the spiritual capital of the Arhuacos indigenous group. In their language, Nabusímake means “Land where the sun was born”.

When the Spaniards arrived in 1750, they named the village San Sebastián de Rábago and began their evangelising mission. Today, only a few people have the privilege of accessing this wonderful place, as it is protected by mamos and natives, who only allow people who respect the village and their community to enter. They are not open to mass tourism as they consider it too destructive.

Getting to Nabusímake is a real adventure. The best option is to go from Valledupar to the village of Pueblo Bello, which is only 25 kilometres from this spiritual capital. In this area, the landscape is already becoming greener.

From Pueblo Bello to Nabusímake, it is only possible to travel by mule or on foot. The route is wonderful. The path is dotted with flowers such as cayennes, hydrangeas and dalias. It is possible to bathe in the crystal-clear cold water of the San Sebastián River.

When you arrive in Nabusímake you can feel the spirituality of the village, protected by the mountains. It is possible to renew one’s body and soul.

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