Jericó overview

The city of Jericó has an area of 193 km2. It was founded on 28 September 1850 and is the cradle of the Paisa colonisation.

The territory has been developed with several nature reserves in order to preserve and recover relict forests and conserve the fauna and flora. Jericó is surrounded by mountains and guard hills, which form part of the urban landscape, botanical gardens (los Balsos) and the cloud forest. The main rivers coming from the Cauca region are the Rio Piedras and the Rio Frio.

The traditional Republican architecture is very colourful. This is very characteristic for a city founded in 1800 by the Spanish.

Its economy is based on coffee and banana plantations, livestock and the leather industry.

Jardín overview

Jardín is a city in the department of Antioquia. It forms a border with Jerico and covers 224 km2. Founded in 1863, the city is mountainous with a variety of vegetation, as well as numerous rivers and streams.

The municipality is characterised by ecological paths and stone roads, lined with a remarkable vegetation composed of a diversity of trees, bushes, flowers. The stone roads that have been preserved are the Camino de la Herrera, Camino de Herradura de La Linda to Jericó, from Herradura de la Cereda la Mesenia and the path to Herradura de la Salada to Támesis

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