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Iguaque Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

This sanctuary can be visited during a trek of about 8 hours. The level of difficulty of the trek is quite high with a significant difference in altitude. It is not a recommended trek for everyone, but if you are a good walker, the scenery is superb! A winding trail leads to Lake Iguaque, located at 3,800m. According to legend, the Muisca civilization was born here. The vegetation is that of the Paramo ecosystems.

  • How to get there: by car or bus from Villa de Leyva towards Arcabuco. Ask to get off at Casa de Piedra, where the walk begins.
  • Admission: 55,000 pesos for non-residents (19,500 pesos for residents)
Recommended activity:

An arduous 5 hour hike that will take you to the heart of the Iguaqué sanctuary. The perfect combination of nature, Muisca legends and physical effort, at an altitude of 2.900 meters. The landscapes will change during the walk, passing from tropical forests to paramos landscapes. Climb to the legendary Iguaqué Lake, perched at 3,700 meters. For the Muiscas, this lake is the cradle of humanity.


If you are going to Bogotá (or returning to the capital), Raquira is a stopover worth visiting. Situated 30 minutes from Villa de Leyva, this village with its colorful walls stand out from the other villages of Colombia by its originality. Here the inhabitants are specialists in pottery, an ancestral tradition from pre-Columbian civilizations.

Many pottery workshops can be visited and you can watch the process of making pottery. On Sundays, its pottery market is the ideal place to get a good deal.

raquira boyaca colombia 8 © Tristan Quevilly
Raquira Boyaca colombia @tristan29photography
Recommended activity:

Take a private transport to explore the surroundings of Villa de Leyva. Visit the Fossil Museum and the beautiful Ecce Homo Monastery. In the afternoon, explore the small, authentic and unique village of Raquira. You can even attend a ceramics workshop and meet the villagers.

The Angel’s Passage over the Guatoque Canyon

Beware, sensitive souls! This is the ideal site for an unusual walk, with your feet (almost) in the void. The angel’s passage allows you to cross the canyon by a narrow passage between two precipices. It is a unique experience that requires cold blood but is well worth the trip. You will be able to admire magnificent landscapes of waterfalls, rivers, mountains and an abundance of virgin vegetation.

Recommended activity:

A half-day hike near the village of Santa Sofia is a good combination of nature and adventure. You will test your sense of balance at the Paso del Angel, the narrow ridge that separates the Monquira river from the Salitiros stream. Then you will discover the waterfall and the cave “El Hayal”, a superb site in the middle of the Andean forest. End your excursion by visiting the village of Santa Sofia and its churches with an architectural style unique in Colombia.


If you are a climbing fan, this is the place to go! Mongui is a picturesque and totally authentic colonial village, still spared from mass tourism. The town has a beautiful square and a pleasant atmosphere. We advise you to have a look at it, especially if you want to go for a walk in the sublime páramo de l’Oceta which is in the vicinity. For climbing: Take a hike to the “ciudad de piedra“, a rock formation that is ideal for this sport. lime páramo de l’Oceta q

The Paramo de Oceta: Unique Colombia Trekking BY Travel Life Experience

Tota lake

Feel like putting your feet in the water? Lake Tota is the largest inland lake in the Colombian Andes, where the beach meets the sky. It is home to the village of Iza, famous for its thermal waters and cakes, and the town of Playa Blanca with its impressive white sand beach. Here you can swim and do many water sports!

what to see in the boyaca region
White beach, Tota Lake

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