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Colombia is open to tourism for a large number of countries in the world, we will welcome you but may have restrictions issued by your country of residence. Before planning your trip, check the requirements of your home country to travel.

  • For French citizens, as of June 9, 21, the French government has launched a strategy to reopen the borders by classifying the countries by green, orange and red color zones.

Requirement of the Colombian government to enter the territory

updated 06-23-2021

  • The PCR Test is no longer mandatory!
  • Mandatory “Check Mig” Pre-Registration: All passengers must fill out the Check Mig form from Migracion Colombia (24 hours and minimum 1H before the flight), this makes it easier to pass through the migration checkpoints. Pre Registro Web
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at airports and throughout your flight. Upon arrival in Colombia the wearing of a mask is mandatory in all public places whether covered or in the open air.
  • There is no quarantine planned upon arrival, Colombia has implemented selective isolation which is based on respect for social distance and wearing of masks. The principles of quarantine targeted on proven cases of Coronavirus and their entourage based on individual responsibility and respect for others.
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What are the biosafety protocols applied during your trip to Colombia

updated 06-23-2021

What changes for visitors? Consult our practical guide :

  • Upon arrival in Colombia / At the airport. The RCP is no longer mandatory!
  • In land, air transport / During excursions. Wearing a mask and respecting distances.
  • In your accommodation / At the restaurant. Sites always disinfected.

Covid negative test for certain activities:

Some risk areas have decided to ask for tests to travel or do certain activities. (Test to be done maximum 48 hours before the trip or activity).

  • Vichada, Amazonia
  • Ciudad Perdida Trek

Where can I get an anti-covid test in Colombia?

Whether it is for your return flight or to carry out an activity in the country, know where to perform a PCR or Antigen test in Colombia:

  • Airports Since mid-February, foreign travelers can perform a covid test at Bogota and Cartagena airports with results within 24 hours.

Price: The price of a PCR test varies between 190,000 and 300,000 pesos. Namely, the antigen test is delivered more quickly and will be more economical, between 45,000 and 120,000 pesos.

What is the latest news from Covid in Colombia?

  • International borders are currently open.
  • The Department of Health issued Resolution 738 of 2021 extending the health emergency until August 31.

On June 02, 2021, the Ministry of Health finally issued a resolution that no longer requires a negative coronavirus test (PCR) for all travelers arriving in the country. 

Colombia has been deconfined since September 1, although some areas such as Guajira remained confined for a little longer, with some restrictions still in place. Hotels, bars and restaurants have gradually reopened with the respect of biosecurity standards implemented by the government in public places, see “practical traveler’s guide” above.

The reopening of tourist sites has been gradual, such as national parks, beaches, etc. (Each municipality will be able to decide the opening or closing to tourism of its tourist sites depending on the situation). National Park Site

Discotheques and dance halls are closed public meetings such as events, parties etc are prohibited; Bars and similar commercial establishments that have not received prior authorization to operate will remain closed. Article in Spanish

Measures applied by some cities to try to control the spread of the virus:

  • Zoned containment: some cities implement localized neighborhood or generalized containment for a number of days.
  • Curfew: possible curfew to be observed.
  • Pico y Cedula: access to the shops is allowed to a part of the population according to the ID card number (even or odd)
  • Weekend containment: some cities implement weekend containment
  • Ley seca : some cities completely ban the sale of alcohol in businesses

Certification Covid.

The label “Check in Certificado / Covid-19 Bioseguro” was established by the government to ensure compliance with health standards in places receiving tourists. It is up to tourism professionals to request this certification in order to reassure travelers that sanitary standards are respected.

What is Safe Travels by World Travel and Tourism Council?

The WTTC’s “SAFE TRAVELS” stamp aims to build traveler confidence by telling travelers which companies and destinations have improved their health and hygiene protocols.

The idea is to give travellers peace of mind by revealing which governments and destinations have adopted the WTTC’s globally standardised health and hygiene procedures following Covid-19. These procedures are based on the experience and guidelines of the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.


What biosecurity measures to encourage tourism in Colombia?

updated on 23-06-2020

Certification Covid.

The label “Check in Certificado / Covid-19 Bioseguro” was established by the government to ensure compliance with health standards in places receiving tourists. It is up to tourism professionals to apply for this certification.

In addition, agencies that are part of the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (ANATO), such as Aventure Colombia, are implementing a biosafety protocol ready to guarantee the safety of their employees and passengers.

covid biosecurity certificate
Certification Aventure Colombia
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