The Cerros de Mavecure are among the oldest mountains in Latin America and are located about 50 kilometers from the city of Inirida. They are formed by three mountains, named Mavecure, Mono (monkey) and Pajarito (small bird).

Thanks to their 250-meter height, visitors will be able to enjoy aspectacular view of thetropical forest and the rivers that surround them.

One can also observe a large variety of exotic birds and do water sports on the nearby Inirida River.

Cerro de Mavecure overview

The Cerros de Mavecure are located in the department of Guainía, in the southeast of Colombia, not far from the borders with Venezuela and Brazil. The Cerros are made up of three granite mountains: Mount Parajito at 712m, Monos at 480m, and Mavecure at 170m. They can be reached by the Inirida River, in two hours by fast boat.

In the same region, several rivers, the Orinoco, Atabapo, Inirida and Guaviare rivers, form a “river star”. By sailing along these rivers, it is possible to observe magnificent and rare species of pink and grey dolphins. It is possible to experience a strong connection with the roots of Colombia by hiking up its mountains, off the beaten track, accompanied by a guide, to admire the impressive panoramic view from the top.

Where are the Cerros de Mavecure located?

Les Cerros de Mavecure se situent dans le département de la Guainía à l’est du pays et se caractérise par ses paysages de jungle, la montagne et de plaines.

It has about 18,000 inhabitants, among whom are native groups such as the Guahíbos, Macúes, Piaroas, Curripacos and Puinaves. Thanks to the great variety of forests and savannahs, the fauna and flora are also very varied.

There are bushes, plants, natural meadows, fruit trees and the famous Inírida flower which is representative of the department. The average temperature is 27°C and the economy of the department is based on agriculture, livestock and fishing.

Expeditions to the Cerros de Mavecure

Travel with Adventure Colombia to Tuparro Park and Cerros de Mavecure; our agency will take you to discover these wonderful destinations in Colombia, off the beaten track. These are ideal places for fishing, climbing or ecological trekking in the different trails, you will also be able to appreciate the ecosystems and landscapes of the place, an ideal opportunity to get to know the indigenous communities of the region and the beauty of the Colombian Amazon and Orinoquia.

What to visit near the Cerros de Mavecure?

Tuparro Park is located in the Llanos Orientales (Eastern Plains), in the department of Vichada, in the region of Orinoquia in Colombia and covers 548,000 hectares. It was declared a National Monument and Biosphere Reserve in 1982. In addition, this magnificent park contains a large green savannah, rivers, golden beaches, forests and mountains where approximately 320 species of birds and a wide variety of aquatic species live. A must-see place for biodiversity in Colombia.

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