Araracuara overview

Araracuara is located in the department of Amazonas and has a very varied flora and fauna, due to its location and climatic conditions. There are endemic flowers, mosses and lichens. Among the many animal species are frogs, birds and small rodents.

It is an ideal place to enjoy ecotourism, the beautiful landscapes, the variety of colours of the rivers, the fine and white sandy beaches. All these elements make this place a unique place to enjoy nature.

You can fish, swim with dolphins, interact with ancient indigenous tribes, observe petroglyphs.

The indigenous groups living in this region are the Huitoto, Anques and Muinane.

Among the traditional foods you will discover cassava, banana, yuca, pineapple, parépu, chucula and bush meat.

Among the places recommended to tourists are the Cuidad de Piedra, Cañon Paujil, Angostura and the Yarían River, and especially the national parks such as Cahuinari and Chiribique.

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