Colombia is a land that will always welcome you with open arms. Its warm people will make you love this country.  But be careful, to be sure to get into the country 100% and not to misunderstand some customs, it is better to leave with some expressions. Adventure Colombia presents you briefly some Colombian expressions.

  • ¡A la orden!: You will often hear street vendors call out to you with these three words that literally mean “at your service.” By this they mean to solicit you to place an order. If you find them too enterprising a simple No Gracias will be enough to push them away

  • ¡Qué pena!: When you accidentally bump into someone on the street or want to apologize for the smallest thing, you will need to use or understand this.  

  • La cuenta por favor: To ask for the bill at the restaurant. You’ll have to remember to leave a propina on which the waiters’ salary is based most of the time.

  • ¿Qué hubo? ¿Qué más? ¿Y entonces qué?: All of these questions simply serve to ask you how it is going.

  • Chevere / Bacano: These expressions are used to rejoice in something great, too good, awesome.

  • ¡Qué mamera!: How lazy! How tired!

  • A tinto: A tinto is a very short black coffee that Colombians love to have on the go. But it’s worth remembering that although Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country in the world, Colombians don’t like very strong coffee.

  • Porfa pour Por Favor: S’il vous / te plaît

  • Hola Buenas pour Buenas Tardes / Noches / Buenos Días : Bonjour / Bonne après-midi

  • Con permiso: Please excuse me or just to politely ask someone in your way to move.

  • ¡Hasta luego, que tenga un buen día! : See you soon, have a good day!

    Whatever your level of Spanish, Colombians will always take the time to chat with you. All efforts will be rewarded.

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