Medellin is one of the most attractive cities in Colombia. If you like modern and dynamic cities with a Latin twist, Medellin is for you! The famous city of eternal spring is the second largest city in Colombia. Many tourists fall in love with the perfect climate, its nightlife and its warm and unique atmosphere. Things to see in Medellin:

Do not miss the Feria de los flores (the festival of flowers) which takes place every year in August. Medellin is above all a city filled with charm and life! Discover the neighborhoods of Comuna 13, El Poblado, Pueblito Paisa. Visit the botanical garden and let yourself be carried away by the incredible nightlife of Medellin

What to do in Medellín: The must-dos:

El Poblado district

If you like to party, eat out and drink to music, you have to go to Poblado. It’s the expat district, where all the trendy people meet for a sunny afternoon or a wild evening. It’s not the most representative neighborhood of local life, but El poblado is still worth a visit because there’s a lot to do. It is located in the hills above Medellín.

To be done on the weekend!

At weekends, music is everywhere and the area is buzzing. El Poblado is a very pleasant area with a lot of designer shops. There are many youth hostels and luxury hotels.

The Parque Lleras is the most touristic area where many bars and discos are concentrated. It’s a great place to meet for a nightcap! During the day, the area is pleasant for its many trees and green corridor.

The Comuna 13 and Graffiti tours

Want to know more about the history of the most violent municipality in the world during the Escobar years? Take a graffiti tour to La comuna 13 (or comuna San Javier), which is now a perfect example of social transformation, where the inhabitants live from tourism, thanks to urban art in particular.

Street art Comuna13

A great view of Medellin!

This tour of the comuna 13 neighborhood will give you a better understanding of the history of the commune, its current lifestyle, the importance of graffiti, urban art in general and hip hop for the community. It will also allow you to have a beautiful view of the city of Medellin.

This visit will contribute to the social development of the neighbourhood and give you an insight into the life of the inhabitants, which, although better, is still complicated with little comfort.

things to do in medellin comuna
Lookout Comuna13

Pueblito Paisa

Want to get some height? Located on a small hill in the heart of the city, Pueblito Paisa is a small, traditional, colourful, flowery and colonial-style paisa village. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Medellín.

Watch out for the crowd at the weekend!

At weekends, many people take over this place to have lunch or a drink in one of the many guinguettes, which are quite expensive for the quality of the food. But it is still a nice place. 

things to do in medellin pueblito paisa
Pueblito Paisa

Things to do in Medellín : Museums

The Museum of Modern Art

Located in the El Poblado district, the museum was created in an old disused warehouse. The museum’s main focus is on temporary exhibitions in a stylish setting, but there is also a cinema that shows independent films from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Opening hours : Closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday to Friday: 11am and 7pm. Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 6pm.
  • Admission : 12,000 pesos, 9,000 pesos for adults over 60, children under 12.

Antioquia museum

This museum in the centre of Medellin is a must for art lovers. The Museum of Antioquia has a large collection of works donated by Fernando Botero, the famous paisa artist, as well as other famous Latin American artists such as Félix Angel or Aníbal Gil.

  • Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5.30 pm and until 4 pm on Sundays and public holidays
  • Entrance fee : 18,000 pesos

Things to do in Medellín: Parks

Berrío park

If you are a fan of Botero you can’t miss the Berrio Park. It is a beautiful square near the Museum of Antioquia where you can see 23 large sculptures donated by Fernando Botero surrounded by beautiful trees and flowerbeds. The sculptures add an unreal touch to this square in the heart of Medellin’s bustling centre.

things to do in medellin parque berrio
Sculpture Fernando Botero @PierreMuglia

The botanic garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe

The Botanical Garden is a natural spot that will appeal to young and old alike! It is a very large park with 14 hectares of tropical forest, including the largest collection of plant species in the country. You will be able to see a large quantity of birds and butterflies, but also an exceptional collection of orchids, the emblematic flower of Colombia.

It is a really peaceful place, the ideal place for a Sunday walk with the family, in the middle of nature and far from the bustle of Medellin.

  • Opening hours : every day from 9am to 4.30pm.
  • Free entrance
thngs to do in medellin jardin botanique
Entrance of the botanic garden of Medellín

Arví park

If you have some time and want to go for a walk in the forest, we recommend you to spend a day (or ½ day depending on the time you have) in Parque Arvi. This 16,000 hectare natural park is located on the outskirts of Medellin. It is the ideal place to be in the middle of the rainforest on a sunny Sunday. At the start of the walks, a small covered market offers local delicacies and food/drink.

The entrance is free, the best way to get there is by the Metrocable from the Acevedo Station in Medellin. The journey takes 15 minutes, above the forest, close to the birds. It’s a unique sight that is hard to find elsewhere. On the way, before the park, you will also pass over the towns of Medellin, which will offer you a panoramic view of the city.

  • Metrocable to the park: 4,600 pesos per trip
  • Free entrance

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