Tatamá overview

The town of Santuario, located in the department of Risaralda, was founded in 1886 by the settler Julian Ortiz, during the 2nd great wave of colonisation. Santuario covers an area of 201km2 and has more than 15,000 inhabitants. The main attraction of this village is its colonial architectural charm, which is peculiar to the antioqueña department. However, the Tatamá National Natural Park, located in the same mountainous area, also attracts attention for its intact biodiversity and the beauty of its landscapes. The economy of the region is centred on the cultivation of coffee, but also livestock and agriculture.

If today the nature of the Tatamá National Park remains very well preserved, it is because the park is still unknown to the public. In this same park is the Cascadas Trail, an incredible place to enjoy its exuberant vegetation and practice climbing.

Some studies claim that the name Tatamá means “the Highest Land” in Anserma Indian, but others say it means “the Grandfathers of the Rivers”. The park is attracting the attention of many scientists.

Many animal and plant species have found refuge in this natural haven. Alongside the Tatamá paramo are the Frontino and El Duende paramos, three areas whose perfect conservation is unique in Colombia.

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