This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices of AVENTURE COLOMBIA S.A.S (now AVENTURE COLOMBIA). AVENTURE COLOMBIA will be able to collect, through its website and other informative platforms, personal information of clients, employees, or professionals, for all natural persons and/or entities. The information collected can be used in order to materialize potential legal relations with clients, providers, or with the employees in order to develop the social purpose of the company. 

In regards to the words mentioned above, and in accordance with the law 1581 of 2012, the Decree 1077 of 2013, and the Decree 1074 of 2015, AVENTURE COLOMBIA has a Personal Data Protection Policy that can be visited through this link 

The one responsible for processing this data will be AVENTURE COLOMBIA, company whose principal office is in Bogota, Colombia at this address: Avenida Jiménez # 4-49, oficina 204. E-mail : [email protected] , phone : (+57) 1 702 7069.

Personal data collected will be processed in the following way : 

  • Know, gather, and process all the information in one or more databases, in the most appropriate format; classify, organize, catalog, divide, or separate the provided information.  
  • Verify, confirm, approve, search, and compare the provided information by You, with any information we legally dispose. 
  • Access, visit, compare, and evaluate all the collected information from databases of any credit, financial, criminal record or legitimately constituted security history’s risk assessment centers, whether they are public or private, national or international.  
  • Analyze, process, assess, or compare the provided information in order to respect the data processing regulation. 

If AVENTURE COLOMBIA is unable to realize the personal data Processing itself, the company can hand over the data so it can be processed by a third party, whom will be in charge of processing the data and will have to guarantee legal confidentiality and security conditions regarding the information handed over for processing. 

AVENTURE COLOMBIA will be able to use and process sensitive personal data when : 

  • The holder agrees explicitly, except in cases where the law does not require this permission.
  • The necessary data processing in order to preserve the vital interest of the Holder, who is physically and juridically in a state of disability. If applicable, legal representatives will have to give their permission. 
  • The processing is made within the frame of legitimate activities with appropriate guarantees given by a foundation, NGO, organization, or any other type of non-profit organization with a purpose that can be : political, philosophical, religious or trade-unionism, which always refers exclusively to members and people who maintain regular contact due to its finality. If applicable, data can be provided to a third party without the permission of the Holder. 
  • The processing refers to data which are necessary to the assessment, exercise, or defense of a right in a judiciary process. 
  • The processing has a historical, statistical, or scientific purpose. If applicable, one will have to adopt established measures regarding the withholding of the Holder’s identity. 

In any case, regarding the process of sensitive personal data, a permission from the Holder is required preliminary, explicitly, and informatively. The permission will have to be acquired in any possible way as long as it can be consulted and verified afterwards. 

In this context, personal data collected will be used for the following purpose : 

  • Internally produce calculations of statistics, control and follow up of the flow measurement indicators on the web page, and measurement of the satisfaction level.
  • Produce market activities and promote products and services offered by the COMPANY and strategic allies, sending surveys, newsletter and mail (electronic or postal). 
  • Provide the products and/or execute the services acquired from our customers and/or accomplish the obligations related to those services. For example, inform the various operators of touristic activities offered on specific topics related to conditions and itineraries of the activity developed and/or regarding the sanitary restrictions, medicines, diet and/or any other information for the participant of the touristic activity, operated directly or indirectly by the Company. If necessary, during the development of the provided service, communicate with the emergency contact.
  • Accomplish legal, regulatory, or contractual obligations which are detached from various legal relations contracted with the Holder of personal data (clients, providers, employees).

Holders of personal data will have the following rights : 

  • Know, update, and rectify personal data with the person in charge of the Processing, or to exercise the right over the one who received the data after a transfer of the latter. This right can be exercised on data that are, among others, partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading, or whose processing was expressly forbidden or not allowed. 
  • Request a proof of the authorization given to the Responsible of the Processing, unless this is agreed explicitly as a required condition for the Processing.
  • Be informed of the Processing, with a request beforehand, in accordance with the use given to personal data. 
  • Submit a complaint about a violation of the personal data protection regime to the Supervisory authority of Industry and Commerce.
  • Revoke the permission and/or request the removal of the personal data when the processing does not respect constitutional and legal principles, rights, and guarantees. 
  • Access freely personal data in process. 
  • Request retention and deletion times regarding the information, and upgrade data.  

On behalf of the company, we process the information you provide us in order to send you information related to our products and services by newsletter and to contact you by email or phone within the context of your trip to Colombia. Data provided will be stored as long as you do not ask for the cessation of the activity. Data will not be transferred to a third party, unless there is a legal obligation. You have the right to obtain confirmation that Aventure Colombia S.A.S. is processing your personal data and thus, you have the right to access your personal data, rectify inaccurate data, or request the removal when those data are no longer necessary to the purpose they were initially collected for. 

For further information, complaint, updating or data removal request, you can send us mail at Avenida Jiménez # 4-49, oficina 204 or an email to [email protected].

Against child pornography and sexual tourism

In accordance with Colombian law number 679/2001 issued by the Congress of the Republic, which, enacting provisions relating to the prevention and countering of child exploitation, pornography and sex tourism.

In accordance with this law everyone should prevent, block, combat and denounced the exploitation, hosting, usage, publication, distribution of images, text documents and visual files, misuse of the global information network or establishment of links of any kind to pornographic materials or materials related to sexual activities with minors.

Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of minors is punishable by imprisonment in accordance with the provisions of law number 679/2001.

Aventure Colombia is committed to fighting against sexual tourism in all its forms. 

National Tourism Register