The Holy Week is in all catholic countries a time for reflection and prayers but mainly for celebration. All Latin American countries are strongly involved in this special week and especially Colombia, one of the most catholic country in the world. This year the Holy Week takes place from the 25fth of March to the 1st of April of 2018. We invite you to buy a flight and come live this unique moment, for the believers and non believers.

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1. The importance of the Holy Week in Colombia

The celebration of the Holy Week started at the colonial times. The people in Colombia are faithful believers. Their faith is honoured during the Holy Week.
Every year, during eight days, activities stop and the believers take part in the staging of the great mysteries of the passion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each ceremony is unique and reflects the region traditions.

The different steps of the Holy Week

The celebrations of the Holy Week in Colombia begin the Palm Sunday and last until the Easter Sunday.
The Palm Sunday: Jesus arrives in Jerusalem as a king
The Saint Monday: Worshiping God in the churches
The Saint Tuesday: Jesus death announced
The Saint Wednesday: Jesus is betrayed
The Saint Thursday: The last dinner
The Saint Friday: Christ crucifixion and death
The Saint Saturday: Easter vigil
The Easter Sunday: The resurrection of Christ
In all Colombia rites of celebrations rhythm this particular week. Some cities are more involved in the festivities and therefore reflect the soul of Holy Week. PopayánMompox, Pamplona and Sabanalarga.

2. The Holy Week in Popayan

The processions are held every day between 8pm and 11pm, from Tuesday to Saturday before Easter. The five processions – Mary, Jesus, the Cross, the Entombment and the Resurrection – follow a two-kilometer walk through the city center and are taking place around reliquaries made of wooden statues richly decorated and adorned of flowers. The believers line the passages of the processions, carrying lighted candles.

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The peculiarities of Popayan are the Palm Sunday, the Holy Monday and the Holy Tuesday. Palm Sunday is the only day procession. The believers on pilgrimage carry palms that have been blessed in all the temples of the city, symbolizing the triumphant entrance of Christ to the holy city of Jerusalem. On Holy Monday a solemn mass is celebrated. On Holy Tuesday there is the procession of Nuestra Señora la Virgen de los dolores, a procession of Charity originally intended to bring charity to the prisoners.

3. The Holy Week in Mompox

Holy Week celebrations take place in Mompox, the historical and architectural heritage of Humanity, located on the Magdalena river’s edge, in the Bolivar Department since 1564. The statues of the Saints in memory of passion, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ are carried by the villagers in the streets of Mompox.
The peculiarities of Mompox are the Holy Wednesday and the Friday of Sorrows, and the active participation of the seven colonial churches of the city. The Holy Wednesday is devoted to the Serenade to the Dead at the municipal cemetery. The tombs adorned with flowers are accompanied by music until sunrise. The processions of Holy Thursday and the Friday of Sorrows (the Desprendimiento or the Paso Robado) are made like a walk – two steps forward and one step back.

Holy Week is a time of faith and contemplation for believers. But it is also a cultural week during which the performances stimulate all the senses: the smell of flowers, the ornaments of statues, music during the processions. This is not to be missed during your trip to Colombia.

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