Colombia has the most orchid and bird species in the world and is the second richest country in the world in terms of biodiversity. This makes it the perfect destination for ecotourism or nature tourism, an approach to tourist activities in which observation of the natural environment is offered.

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Atypical and colourful birdwatching in exceptional nature reserves.
Visit the indigenous community of Koguis, direct descendants of the Tayrona civilization.
The peñol of Guatape and Guatape, a peaceful and colourful village.
Day by Day

Detailed Itinerary

bogota cundinamarca colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Welcome to Colombia

Arrival at Bogota airport, the Andean capital, and transfer to your hotel.
  Casa de la Vega
bogota candelaria cundinamarca colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Walking tour Bogota

History, Architecture, Museum, Art & Culture, Stroll, Walking Tour
Discover the center of Bogota like a local. The walking tour of the capital will take you through the most authentic places in the city. We will discover the colonial district of La Candelaria, Bogota's historical center and its squares and markets. It is a unique opportunity to immerse ourself in the local culture and to understand their way of life. In the afternoon: we will visit the famous Gold Museum (closed on Mondays) and Botero Museum (closed on Tuesdays) where we will be able to admire the masterpieces of the renowned Colombian painter and sculptor.
  Casa de la Vega
agraz mangostino

Visit of the Paloquemao market

LocalMarket, Art & Culture, Gastronomy, Stroll
Depart to the Paloquemao produce market. We will discover a typical side of Colombia while strolling through the retail market, one of the largest in the country. Most of Bogota’s restaurants get their ingredients here, which makes it very lively. We will get to know so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, some of which you'll probably have never even heard of!

Then head to the airport to go to the coffee region.
  Tinamu Birding Nature
Eje Cafetero Caldas Tinamu Birding Manizales Colombia @MathieuPerrot Bohringer Todos los derechos reservados


Fauna&Flora, Outdoor, Ecoturism, Birdwatching
A unique day of bird watching awaits us in a setting that lends itself perfectly to this activity. Between feeders, gardens and paths, there will be many opportunities to observe and photograph various species of birds such as the pionus menstruus or blue-headed parrot, the ortalis colombiana or the leptotila plumbeiceps. We are accompanied by a guide specialised in bird photography, taking advantage of the facilities of the structure. With more than 260 recorded species, this reserve is an ideal place for birdwatching.
  B, L
  Tinamu Birding Nature

Thermal Hacienda La Quinta

NATURE, Outdoor
We will be able to enjoy Hacienda Termales la Quinta’s surroundings during a 2 or 3-hour walk in the nearby incredible forests and fields. These forests have been cared and conserved in order to preserve the biodiversity of the territory and they are a perfect example to understand the importance of nature conservation.
  B, L, D
  Hacienda Thermales La Quinta
Cabalgata a las cascadas Termales la quinta

Horsebike ride

Horse Ride, NATURE, Waterfall
This morning, we visit waterfalls and their surroundings on horseback (possibility of going on foot). We will discover a landscape out the ordinary, between wax palm trees, waterfalls, tropical forests and animals (horses, cows, etc).
Then you can have lunch at Hacienda El Plan (subject to change) and return to Hacienda La Quinta in the afternoon.
We will also have the opportunity to discover thermal water reservoirs and volcanic eruptions zones where geysers feed thermal water sources.
  B, L, D
  Hacienda Thermales La Quinta
salento finca don elias quindio eje cafetero colombia © tristan quevilly SOLO AC 6 5


Coffee Tour, Cultural Exchange
Salamina is part of the famous Coffee Region, formed by three departments, including Caldas, the department of this picturesque village. For this visit, we go to the outskirts of Salamina, to a peasant family to discover their way of life and learn more about the famous beverage. From the plantations to the final cup, we discover all the steps that allow Colombian coffee to be among the best in the world.
  La Estancia
valle de cocora quindio eje cafetero colombia 6© Tristan Quevilly

Wax palms

ColonialVillage, Outdoor
The mountains surrounding the village of Salamina are home to one of nature's curiosities, the wax palm tree. We will leave Salamina by car and head towards the Samaria Valley, located at more than 3000 meters. A beautiful walk at the heart of these Andean landscapes will allow you to discover the wax palm tree. It can reach 70 meters in height and is one of Colombia's symbols! Have lunch and then head back to Salamina then Medellín.
  B, L
  La Campana
  2h30 + 5h
penon de guatape antioquia colombia © Tristan Quevilly


Stroll, Exploration
Today we visit the surroundings of Medellin: the famous El Peñol rock, where from the top of its steps we discover a landscape of uncommon lagoons, and the village of Guatapé, classified as a natural and environmental heritage. Return to Medellin in the late afternoon.
  La Campana
santa marta magdalena colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Medellín - Santa Marta - Parc Tayrona

A private transport will take you from your hotel to the airport of Medellin (30mn) to take your flight to Santa Marta (1h10). Upon arrival, a private transfer will take you to your hotel in Tayrona Park (45mn).
  B, D
  Maloka Barlovento
sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © Tristan Quevilly

Discovering the Sierra Nevada

Communities, Cultural Exchange, CulturalImmersion
Let's live this unique experience, visiting one of the most important indigenous communities in the world: the Koguis, direct descendants of the Tayrona civilization. In addition, we can enjoy the natural charm that surrounds this valley of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest mountain range in the world by the sea, a biosphere reserve recognized worldwide, and the cradle of the great Tayrona civilization. We will have the opportunity to talk with the Mamo and/or people from the community, visit the traditional house. In the afternoon, walk and swim in the natural pools of the river.
  B, D
  Maloka Barlovento

Visit to Tayrona Park

Hiking, Swimming, Snorkeling, Beach & Relax, Outdoor, Fauna&Flora
Free day at the park where we can hike one of the trails, swim, go horseback riding or rent snorkel gear on site (not included).
  Casa verde
sierra nevada de santa marta colombia © Tristan Quevilly

El Dorado Nature Reserve

Birdwatching, Fauna&Flora, NATURE
The El Dorado Nature Reserve, at an altitude of 1,900m in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, has the highest concentration of endemic species in Colombia, with 23 species found nowhere else.
We will try to observe some endemic species such as the Anthocephala floriceps, the Santa Marta Grackle, the Copper Emerald, the Golden-chinned Toui and the Golden-olive Woodpecker during several stops. On arrival at the reserve, we settle in and have lunch, then leave for a new observation session. During the winter, it is possible to see migratory species coming from the north of the American continent, such as the Black-throated Warbler, the Vermilion Sunbird, the Swainson's Thrush or the Cerulean Warbler.
  B, L, D
  Reserva El Dorado
sierra nevada de santa marta reserva el dorado colombia ©ChristopheHullin USO LIBRE

Cuchilla de San Lorenzo

Birdwatching, Outdoor, Fauna&Flora
In the morning, you will go to the Cuchilla de San Lorenzo, at 2,650m above sea level, one of the best places to see endemic species, including the White-tailed Starfrontlet, the Rusty-headed Spinetail, the Band-tailed Guan, the Groove-billed Toucanet, the Strong-billed Woodcreeper, the White-lored Warbler and many others. Return to the reserve at the end of the afternoon.
  B, L, D
  Reserva El Dorado
cartagena bolivar colombia 6 © Tristan Quevilly

From Santa Marta to Cartagena

Return to Santa Marta. Stops along the way to observe the missing species, or to observe those already seen, and which are part of the biological richness of the region.
Transfer from Santa Marta, the oldest city in Colombia, to Cartagena, the pearl of the Caribbean.
  B, L
  Casa Pizarro
cartagena bolivar colombia 11 © Tristan Quevilly

historical walking tour of Cartagena

Stroll, History, Art & Culture
Let's follow in the footsteps of the famous pirates and be surprised by the "Pearl of the Caribbean", a city with a mixed and exotic heritage whose cultural richness cannot fail to amaze us. This excursion takes us back to the colonial era, with its colourful houses and lively parks. It is therefore an opportunity, during this walk, to go back in time and relive some of the most important moments in the history of the city, the second Spanish stronghold established on the South American continent. Cartagena has been repeatedly attacked by pirates, the most famous being Captain Francis Drake! We discover the beauty of its monuments, its squares, its churches, its walls, witness of past times but still defying the horizon.
  B, L, D
  Casa Pizarro
Noyer Maya USB pepinieresP.©B.Patentreger

Vereda Los Limites

CulturalImmersion, Ecoturism, Outdoor, Birdwatching, Fauna&Flora
Day of immersion in the life of the farmers and women of the village of Los Límites. A walk in the tropical dry forest where we are introduced to the community's agroforestry project, whose emblem is a "magic" tree: the Mayan walnut. The Mayan walnut tree plays a very important role in the ecosystem, which has suffered greatly from deforestation. It is also the natural habitat of another endangered animal species that we may have the chance to observe: the white-crested pine monkey. We continue with a visit to the agroforestry plots to discover the agroecological techniques used for their crops, and participate in the protection of the environment by planting a tree chosen in the nursery.
  B, L
  Casa Pizarro
bolivar cartagena colombia © camille ayral SOLO AC 3 1

End of your trip

Free morning before your return to reality, heading for the airport with memories in your head.

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