14 Sep al 17 Sep 2017

Popayán National Congress of Gastronomy

Every year since 2003, the city of Popayán demonstrates its gastronomic talent, and reveals new tastes to more than 20,000 visitors. Indeed, the capital of the Cauca department is well known for its culinary specialties; in 2008, the UNESCO named it the Gastronomic Capital. At every edition of the event, the National Congress invites a specific country and department to join the celebration.

During this culinary feast, the visitors can assist conferences, workshops, meet prestigious gastronomic schools, academies and taste delicious dishes.

(Photo: Creative Commons)

Come to discover Popayan's Gastronomic Talent!

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14 Sep al 17 Sep 2017
popayan, Congreso Nacional Gastronómico de Popayán