El Chocó, an Excursion Off the Beaten Tracks

Some interesting data about Chocó

Chocó, one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the North-West of the country, is a unique destination. Mostly covered by equatorial jungle, Chocó is an area that remains untouched, a haven for biodiversity, with abundant untapped natural resources. According to its inhabitants, it is a place privileged by God and Nature.

The exotic population of Chocó, mostly Afro-Colombian, has a very rich cultural identity. Music, singing and dancing are powerful means of expression to Chocoano people. Their skills and traditional craftsmanship are a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

The fragile economy of the Chocó department is supported by nature’s generosity; Chocoano people make a living from fishing, agriculture, mining and logging. They are also gradually developing the department’s ecotourism potential.

The diversity of Chocó’s landscapes, between jungle, rivers and seas, offers a lot to see; an excursion off the beaten path is a unique opportunity to relax and get back to nature.

The essential places to go in Chocó

The essential places to go in Chocó

Bahia Solano is a peaceful paradise located on the Pacific Coast. Here we can appreciate the spectacular leaps of the humpback whales and listen to their song when they come back every year to these warm seas to reproduce, from July to November.

Capurganá, an incredible place for ecotourism enthusiasts

Escaping to Capurganá allows us to have a relaxing time and commune with nature. On this coast, any form of motor transportation is prohibited. This is the perfect opportunity to breathe, to go rambling, cycling, horse-riding or have a boat tour; discover the dream beaches of Aguacate and Soledad; immerse yourself in la Cascada del Cielo, dive in la Piscina de los Dioses. The spectacular underwater diversity makes it worth exploring the sea bed by scuba diving or snorkeling.

It is possible to see numerous exotic birds, such as the Tangara Aurinegra, and many species of butterflies in the region of Carmen de Atrato. The city of Nuqui is also a unique destination for ecotourism enthusiasts and extreme sports lovers. Surrounded by heavenly beaches, the biodiversity and landscapes are outstanding.

Take a deep breath and spend some time with Nature in the Utria National Natural Park

Utria Natural National Park, located on the Pacific Coast, is an extraordinary place where jungle and sea meet. On the seabed live many diverse species of fish.

After a getaway in these picture postcode-like landscapes and estabilishing a strong connection with nature, visiting the capital of Chocó, Quibdó, may seem unnecessary. However, on the shore of the river Atrato you will be delighted by the colorful sunset over the city. The market on the riverbank, the Municipal Palace in the city center and the cathedral of San Francisco de Asis, a symbol of the capital, are the pride of Quibdó’s inhabitants.

Traditionally, they celebrate the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi from the 20th of September to the 4th of October: “Las Fiestas de San pacho”. During this religious festival, part of the national heritage, Chocoanos people of all ages parade and dance in traditional music and costumes. Just the opportunity to attend this unique ceremony makes the visit to Quibdó worthwhile!

Explore Chocó and discover the most remarkable forgotten areas of the Pacific Coast, an outstanding place to discover Colombian culture, commune with nature and experience the peace and beauty of this destination.
To find out more about the amazing Chocó region, have a look at our video.

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