There is no better way to discover a country and its inhabitants than by sharing with them happy moments through dance and music! Lots of music festivals and traditional celebrations are taking place in Colombia throughout  the year. Today we will make a few suggests and present to you a selection of the events not to be missed during your summer trip to Colombia.


All the Colombian Folk in Ibagué

45th Colombian Folk Festival
June 17th to July 3rd in Ibagué

Located in the Tolima’s department, Ibagué is known as the Music Capital of Colombia. Ibagué Folk Festival is an event not to be missed! The whole city is very lively and you will be able to discover all kinds of traditional Colombian music and dances on the streets.


Let yourself be captivated by the Porro festival  in San Pelayo!

National Festival of Porro
June 29th to July 3rd 2017 in San Pelayo

The Porro Festival gathers all the traditional and folk music of the departments of Sucre and Cordoba. A hundreds of music bands  and dancers of the region meet to celebrate and dance together to the sound of percussions. A unique opportunity to discover this typical dance from the Caribbean Coast.


Discover Bambuco’s Queen in Neiva

Folklorik Festival and Bambuco Pageant
June 22nd to July 3rd 2017 in Neiva

This festival is one of the main events in the South of Colombia, in the Huila department.
The Bambucos’ music genre and dances originate from this Andean region.  Follow the rhythm of the stringed instruments with your partner and perform a  romantic dance composed of 8 dancing steps.
You will certainly meet the freshly-crowned Bambuco Queen!


Enjoy Medellin’s Tango Festival

International Tango Festival
June 20 to 25th 2017
Free entrance

For the 11th consecutive year Medellin turns into the capital of tango and invites you to freely attend this 6-day festival with concerts and tango performances. A festival held in honour of the
great argentinian tango hero Carlos Gardel, forever tied to the city of Medellin.

Unleash your inner rock star in Bogota

Festival Rock al Parque
July 1st-3rd 2017
Free entrance

3 days of rock completely free inside the Simon Bolivar Park where you will be able to discover colombian and international bands. Heaven Shall Burn (Germany) & Lamb of Gold (USA) are the most famous artists of the 2017 edition.


Events full of colours, of music, of sharing and of Aguardiente you absolutely need to discover!

Book your trip in Colombia!

cartagena-bolivar-colombia-©-tristan-quevilly-SOLO AC-38-5
Colombia Essentials

Must See

9 Days – 1200$

magdalena-parque-tayrona-cabo-san-juan-colombia-cabo San Juan, Colombie, mer, parque Tayrona, Paysage, plage©PierreMuglia-SOLO AC-4-12
Highlights of Colombia

Must See

21 Days – 1975$

quindio-eje-cafetero-valle-del-cocora-colombia-palma de cera, Valle del Cocora©-camille-ayral-USO LIBRE-30
All Time Classics

Must See

15 Days – 2250$

quindio-eje-cafetero-valle-del-cocora-colombia-Colombie, Eje cafetero, palma de cera, Paysage, Valle del Cocora©MathieuPerrotBorhinger-USO LIBRE-36
Collecting Memories


9 Days – 945$

Casanare Los Llanos-Colombia-Reservas Lagunazo y Buenaventura-@MathieuPerrot-Bohringer-52-1
All are Welcome


15 Days – 2135$

choco-pacifico-nuqui-bahia-solano-colombia-Chocó, Colombie©anonimo-USO LIBRE-2-12
Into the Wild Nature


9 Days – 1410$

macarena-caño-cristales-colombia-caño Cristales, Colombie©MarioCarvajal-SOLO AC-21
Nature Immersion


15 Days – 2315$

Aviario Isla Baru-Cartagena-Colombia-@ Mathieu Perrot-Bohringer-17-1


8 Days – 1410$

Go Nomad


12 Days – 1490$

Eje Cafetero Caldas-Colombia-Tinamu Birding Manizales-@MathieuPerrot-Bohringer-12-1
Ultimate Diversity


18 Days – 3340$

Go find it !


9 Days – 1135$

santander-barichara-colombia-Amérique Latine, Barichara, Colombie, Globe Cooker, Santander©OswaldoVillamizarEscobar-USO LIBRE-18
Timeless Colombia

History and Culture

11 Days – 1645$

huila-san-agustin-parque-arqueologico-colombia-Colombie, ©Frank-Charton-SOLO AC-15-7
Land of Origins

History and Culture

15 Days – 2240$


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