Colombia, a country with a thousand and one facets

Colombia is a country located in northwestern South America. It offers a wide variety of destinations to make your stay an unforgettable experience. It also abounds with sites where you can practice activities that combine action and contemplation of landscapes such as rafting and kayaking. For lovers of water sports, the Utría Natural National Park is the place to be. This park has an ecosystem characterised by a humid forest and is a birthplace for humpback whales in the cove of Utría. The ideal time to observe them is from July to November. It is also possible to discover this reserve during a land, water or underwater hike.

The beaches of Colombia, perfect places for a change of scenery.

Colombia is full of unrivalled coastal sites where sailors can easily forget their daily life. While staying at Los Naranjos beach, they will have the opportunity to attend or participate in surfing contests. This coastline is located near the mouth of the River Piedras. It is often used to organize competitions because of the quality of its waves. In addition, the shores of the Pacific have a special charm due to its dark sand. They serve as nests for leatherback turtles. In addition to this, the archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia arouses the curiosity of globetrotters with its natural aquarium which is a habitat for colourful fish. It is also famous for its crystal-clear waters that allow you to observe the animals even without a mask. 

Colombia, a destination of choice for a cultural trip.

One of the reasons why backpackers also visit Colombia is its rich and varied culture. On the spot, tourists will have the opportunity to attend a salsa show like during a Brazil trip. They will also participate in celebrations that revolve around music and other artistic expressions, such as the Carnival of the Negroes and Whites in San Juan de Pasto and the Flower Fair in Medellin. In addition, Colombia’s ethnic and climatic diversity gives rise to many traditional dishes. During their trip, gourmets will be able to visit Popayán, the capital of the department of Cauca. This territory is a great culinary destination. It was named UNESCO of Gastronomy in 2005 thanks to the variety of its recipes. Its typical dishes are a mixture of Spanish and local cuisine with fruit from Spain. In addition, during their tour, tourists will not miss the rondón, egg arepa, cuy and big-assed ants, some of the most representative plates of the country.

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