The Chocó, between deserted beaches, whales, surfing and scuba diving!

Rimmed by the beaches of the Atlantic coast and those of the Pacific coast, the Chocó region has vast tourist potential.  Although it is one of the poorest regions of Colombia, it is also one of the greenest! Tropical rainforest covers most of the area. Aventure colombia knows the idyllic places and can guide you to memorable destinations.

Deserted beaches on the Caribbean exist!

In the northern parts of the Choco region, near the border with Panama, is located a village called Capurgana and the bay of Sapzurro. Especially visited by Colombians in december and during Semana Santa, these dream beaches and their surroundings are pretty quiet for the rest of the year and will enchant you by their tranquillity in particular Playa Soledad, Bahía Aguacate and Cabo Tiburón. There’s no land access to come here, you will have to take a lancha from the city of Turbo (reachable by bus from Medellín or Montería).

Observe the miracle of life in the Park Utria

Further south, on the Pacific Coast, you will find the Utria National Park. A quite magical event occurs every year here, something to see at least once in your life: the birth of humpback whales. They travel thousands of kilometers every year from Antarctica to come to settle down between July and September in the hot waters of the Choco. The Park Utria is of a rare beauty as you can see it in this video of Aventure Colombia. The park spreads over 54 300 hectares and has a very rich ecosystem between beaches, corals, mangroves, jungle and an infinite variety of animal species.

Dolphins and scuba diving in the very heart of Pearl Harbour

We often speak of whales, but if you wish to see dolphins, you should head to Huina, in the North of the Park Utria, within a 30 minutes ride by boat from the city of Bahia Solano (closest airport). The water of Huina is crystal-clear, you can practise snorkeling there or simply take advantage of its very beautiful beach. A decade ago, the warship called (ARC) which took part in the battle of Pearl Harbor was deliberately sunk there by the army to create an artificial coral reef, creating a magnificent diving spot. Huina possesses a few hotels and restaurants, you can therefore spend a few days there if its tranquility grows on you.

Take a surf lesson at El Cantil
The Pacific Coast is blessed with the best surfing spots of Colombia. Numerous young afro-Colombians started practising this sport thanks to the Surf Club del Choco, we can see them in Nuqui surfing near the whales! If you, too, wish to take lessons or to rent a bodyboard, you will find everything you need at the Eco-Lodge El Cantil. You will also be able to bathe yourself in the thermal waters nearby in order to relax your sore muscles after your effort!

Do not hesitate any longer, come and explore the Choco with Aventure Colombia, you won’t be disappointed.

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