Chingaza park overview

The Chingaza National Nature Park is located northwest of Bogota on the eastern cordillera of the Andean region. It covers 76,600 hectares.

Created in 1977, it is an area of high biodiversity, with approximately 38 species of plants. The park contributes to the preservation of vulnerable species (the Andean condor, the spectacled bear, the tapir, the puma, the jaguar, among others…). You can also find frailejones, mosses and arnicas, plants that are important for conserving humidity.

In the park is the Chuza Dam, which provides a huge water supply to 12 million people in the city of Bogota. It is an ideal space to be in contact with nature and learn about the ecosystems and biodiversity of the region.

A walk in the Chingaza park is a good opportunity to discover the unique ecosystem of the high Andean peaks as well as the ecosystem of the Paramos. Count 4 hours of walking in the day to see the 3 lagoons of Siecha, the geysers, the sharp peaks of the park and arrive to the magnificent landscapes of Paramo.

Access to the park by public transportation is complicated. It is best to rent a car or plan an organized tour.

  • Admission: 42,000 pesos for non-residents 

Access limited to 40 people per day. It is strongly recommended to book in advance, especially on weekends and holidays. 

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