Why travel to Colombia?

  • The richness of its culture and biodiversity. Colombia is the ONLY country in Latin where you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Andes and the Amazon.
  • Wildlife is among the richest in the world with many species of birds and
  • An especially diverse flora because Colombia has a climate which between different regions and altitudes, allowing you to try many tropical fruits and juices.
  • Colombia is also the land of coffee. One can observe all stages of its production in haciendas, in the middle of the plantations.
  • A friendly and warm population, interacting with the people is very easy. are always happy to help and advise you. Smiley and festive, the people celebrate many holidays and festivals with music combining Latin, African and Indigenous
  • Colombia is dancing, salsa, cumbia and crazy nights in cosmopolitan cities around aguardiente.

What you will discover in every region:

The Pacific:

Rainforest, deserted beaches, mangroves, whale watching (June to September), scuba diving (Malpelo Island), African culture, salsa (Cali).

The Amazon

The primeval forest and natural parks (flora and fauna), the Indigenous communities and their ancestral customs, the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.


Large grassy plains crossed by numerous rivers and streams, called the Llanos, or the "Colombian savannah". These large areas are sparsely populated and extensive farming (zebu) on huge ranches stands out as a main activity.


The variety of landscapes (heavenly beaches, tropical jungles, mountains, coral islands) Indigenous communities, archaeological sites, and Mompos and Cartagena, the colonial towns.

The andes:

Modern cities (Bogota and Medellin), colonial villages (Villa de Leyva and Barichara), archaeological remains (San Agustín), coffee haciendas, volcanoes, lakes and snowy peaks, extreme sports (paragliding, canyoning, rafting) or treks.


  • Why Colombia?

  • Just like a New Destination

    Colombia suffers from bad reputation in the Western World. Violence, cocaine traffic, kidnappings...

    But beyond the stereotypes spread by the media through very specific reports, how is it today?

  • A situation that has evolved

    The daily life of Colombians has drastically changed since the times of Pablo Escobar. The country much safer than before. Statistics show the enormous progress made in recent years. For example, between 2003 and 2013, kidnappings have fallen by a factor of 10.
    If the violence persists, armed groups like the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) are mostly present in the border or isolated regions of the country, away from Colombia’s tourist destinations. The guerrillas and drug trafficing are sensitive topics, constantly at the centre of policies for a peace process. Colombia has been preserved from tourism for years thanks to these conflicts. Only a few areas are victims of mass tourism. It's like a new destination that is opening up to the world. Some places off the beaten track are difficult to access without the help of experts such as ADVENTURE COLOMBIA. The safety of our clients is paramount. Our partners at each site know the areas to avoid.

  • A land of contrasts

    Vigilance is still required because Colombia is a country with high inequality. If anyone seeks in Colombia, he will find it. However if you are looking for tranquillity, you will find it too. Better yet, you will be amazed by the surprisingly peaceful atmosphere of the country. The Colombians are eager to welcome you warmly to prove that violence has given way to harmony. In fact, there is a huge gap between the generosity, hospitality, authenticity and values ​​of Colombians, and the violent events related to drug trafficking and other existing political tensions.

  • Our safety recommendations

    1. "No dar Papaya": Although the absence of risk does not exist anywhere in the World, if tourists do not show external signs of wealth in Colombia (Gold, Smartphones, luxury brands ...), they are not usually prime targets. Go out with what you need. Do not keep your credit card or your passport with you unless you need it
    2. Do not walk alone in the streets at night: Instead, take a cab at night if you go out. Avoid small dark alleys, especially if you are by yourself.
    3. Do not trust strangers: Colombians are generous and hospitable, but do not accept from a stranger who offers you a drink, a cigarette, a cake, or asks you to look after his bag...
      You never know. In bars, nightclubs or festivals, watch your drink. Have fun but beware!
    4. Consult: Local tourism professionals like AVENTURE COLOMBIA will be happy if you want to go to any specific place. Do not venture alone into unknown territories.
  • To dare to travel in Colombia, mainly means risking falling in love. We will be proud to take you far from the clichés, where the magic is...

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