Tatacoa desert in Colombia from above

The Tatacoa desert is located in the Huila department, in Colombia. Its area is approximately 330km2. In the desert you can find a great variety of fossils, and it is also the perfect place to observe the stars, the cactuses and the wonderful landscapes of the arid desert of several colors: orange, red, grey and white under the great blue sky. A great number of biologists, anthropologists and paleontologists of different countries visit this site for its cultural and historic importance. The interesting thing about this desert is that it has adapted to changes in climate and, because of the higher temperatures, the lush vegetation which existed before has been transformed into a dry forest.

To visit this impressive desert you must pass by Neiva, capital of the Huila department, and then the village of Villavieja, a village of beautiful colonial architecture which was important in the History of Colombia. The different places to visit in the desert are: el Cuzco, el Cardón, los Hoyos and las Lajas. Furthermore, travelers can visit the Paleontological Museum, created in 1984, where it is possible to observe a great variety of fossils, and the Astronomy Observatory, where you can go camping, an amazing place for Astronomy and Nature lovers.


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Friday, September 22, 2017

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