The indigenous community Emberra Jagua Chocó Nuqui Colombia

The indigenous community “Boca de Jagua” community is located on the banks of the Chorí river at the mouth of the Jagua gorge, near to the Jurubida in the Nuqui municipality. It is in the north of the Choco department, on the Pacific Coast in Colombia.

This community is part of the Emberra indigenous reservation. They have a project called Etno-Aldea, which aims to promote tourism and emphasise the importance of preserving their traditions, cultural pride and identity.

The income of these indigenous communities comes from plantain and banana cultivations. Tourism is the new alternative to improve their revenues.

The aim of this Project is to improve the quality of life of the community.

Women are important for the community because they are the educators, passing on the cultural heritage. For example: the paints, the crafts, how to make jewelry… they also know how to cook the local cuisine.

Nature talks to these indigenous communities. Nature teaches us to respect, how to see wisdom, to discover medicinal plants and the spiritual side.

The people in this community are very well organised and close.



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Monday, February 22, 2016

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