Reservations Coordinator



What I like about Aventure Colombia is delivering quality service while still managing to be sustainable

My name is Marysol, I come from Cartagena and for the last month I have been working at Aventure Colombia. I like to travel and I know my country very well. I like to give quality service, using my talent and cheerfulness. You've got to come and visit Colombia, a country with two coasts, kind people and a multicultural atmosphere, you'll enjoy it a lot.

you could guide in activities such as:

Boat trip

Handicraft and shopping

Trekking and hiking
Knows the places where to find Marysol
Languages: Español
Work at the agency since: 19 de May de 2015
Position: Reservations Coordinator
Places: Barranquilla, , La Guajira, Santa Marta, Isla San Andres, Bogotá, Eje Cafetero, San Gil

Boat trip


Handicraft and shopping


Trekking and hiking

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