- 3 days - 2 nights -

    The eternal snows of the majestic Nevado del Tolima. A must for hikers and mountain scenery lovers. A unique ecosystem!

    From: 166 USD
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This 3 days tour will make you discover both the coffee region that makes the flavor of Colombia and the Parque Los Nevados, an exotic and majestic place, where you can enjoy nature in all its splendor. The park is home to all kinds of animal and plant species. The sunrise on the Nevado del Tolima is breathtaking. A trek off the beaten tracks in the most symbolic landscapes of Colombia, between the wax palms and the paramos.

The strong points of this travel...
  • Discover the snowy mountains of the Parque de Los Nevados

  • A trek off the beaten tracks

  • An incredible variety of plant and animal species

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From : 166 USD , 3 days - 2 nights
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