• Ecotourism Amazonas: Nature and local Culture
    5 days and 4 nights

    Is it important for you to respect the natural resources of the planet and the culture of others while traveling? This journey has been designed respecting the principals of sustainable tourism.

    From: 740 USD
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This journey in the Amazonas is designed for travelers looking for a close contact with nature and local culture. Discover the ecological surroundings of Leticia and explore protected areas and indigenous reservations near the Amazon River. Have intense and fascinating physical, mental and emotional experiences during a trip, which takes in the principals of ecotourism and sustainability into account.

The strong points of this travel...
  • Encounter with indigenous communities

  • Diversity of the ecosystems in the Amazonas

  • Emphasis on ecotourism

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From : 740 USD , 5 days and 4 nights
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