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¿Who are we ?

AVENTURE COLOMBIA AVENTURE COLOMBIA is a Colombian travel agency founded in 2007. A pioneer in this destination, the company specialises in Adventure tourism, ecotourism and community tourism. AVENTURE COLOMBIA invites you to discover the natural and cultural diversity of Colombia and the joy, enthusiasm and hospitality of the Colombian people.

Our Services:

Thanks to its expertise and its knowledge of the country, AVENTURE COLOMBIA offers group (up to 20 people), and tailor-made tours: off the beaten track, discovery, honey moon, family tours, “discovering your roots” travel (adopted children wishing to come back to their country of origin) according to the expectations, needs and requirements of our customers.

Our Vision

AVENTURE COLOMBIA is committed to providing visitors with a high quality and authentic journey. For it to be unforgettable as well, we have worked closely with local communities from day one, building strong long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We are constantly working on strengthening, raising awareness and reinforcing the capacity of our providers and community partners to guarantee the best service, authentic experiences, sustainable benefits and the preservation of cultural and natural resources.

Responsible Tourism:

Our entire team is committed to promoting healthy, responsible tourism, based on mutual respect,solidarity and social engagement.
AVENTURE COLOMBIA, as a destination-based travel agency, is an ADT member ("Acteur du tourisme Durable" or "Responsible Tourism in Action"), a French tour operators’ organization encouraging more responsible tourism, from the tour operator itself right down to front-line service providers.
AVENTURE COLOMBIA contributed to the creation of Acotur, “Asociación de Turismo Responsable en Colombia”, and remains an active member of the organization.

Our Agencies

Our agencies located in Cartagena de Indias, Bogota, and Santa Marta allow us to handle logistics on a national scale in the best way, and to ensure our presence and monitoring throughout our customers’ journeys.

Our Team

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