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ProColombia is the government organisation responsible for promoting international tourism, foreign investment and non-traditional exploration in Colombia. Through a national and international network of offices it offers comprehensive support and advice to customers.

What is Amor por Colombia?

It is a seal that identifies technology initiatives that positively promote the image of Colombia.
It is an independent private initiative, separate from public institutions or government policies.

Acotur (Responsible Tourism Association) is an association that works on the development and promotion of responsible tourism in Colombia.

Their goal is that responsible tourism moves from being an alternative way to travel into the mainstream.

They are divided into five working groups:


ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) is an organization whose purpose is to promote responsible and sustainable development of the adventure travel industry. ATTA and its members define adventure tourism as a combination of three main components:

- physical activity


Esencia Rumbera is a dance organization specializing in salsa, which has its headquarters in the city of Bogota.

The organization puts on events and dance shows including genres such as Salsa, Modern Jazz, Bachata, Cha Cha as well as other Latino rhythms.

Alter-nativ Brésil is a French travel agency based in Recife in Brazil. It specializes in individual and tailor-made trips.

Chili Voyage: Friendly French-speaking travel agency based in Santiago de Chile and specializing in individual tailor-made journeys.


Terres Magiques des Incas is a welcoming French-speaking travel agency located in Cusco, Peru. Their specialization is in tailor-made journeys through Peru. Everything is adaptable to your wishes! Customer satisfaction is their priority.

Kamimundo is a travel agencies-network located in South America. They offer organized and tailor-made trips. The members of this network have all their passion for South America in common, especially the one for the country, where they are living.

The Association of Francophone Independent Tour Operators ATOFI represents receptive travel agencies located in destination countries who themselves operate the trips they are offering.

These agencies are selected according strict criteria to guarantee a high quality, personalized service in French to every destination offered.

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