Santuario y Parque Tatamá


The Municipality of Santuario, located in the Risalda department, was founded in 1886 by Colon Julian Ortiz, during the second wave of colonization. Santuario is 201 square km in area and has more than 15000 inhabitants. The principal attraction of this municipality is its charming colonial architecture, typical of the Antioquia department. However, the Tatamá Natural National Park, located in the same mountainous region, also attracts interest because of its unspoiled biodiversity and the beauty of its landscapes. This area’s economy is based on Coffee cultivation, but also the farming of animals and agriculture.

If nowadays the Tatamá Park nature remains very well preserved, it is not only because the parc is still unknown to the public compared to the many other tourist regions of Colombia. In this same Park you can find the Sendero Cascadas, an amazing place to enjoy the exhilarating vegetation and practice rock climbing.

One study says that “Tatamá” means “The higher Land” in Indian Anserma, but another one says it means “Grandfathers of rivers”.

The Park piques the interest of many scientists. Many animal and plant species find their home in this natural haven of peace.

Alongside the Tatamá Paramo are the Frontino and El Duende paramos, 3 areas whose perfect conservation is quite unique in Colombia.


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Nearby places
Nearby places: 
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El Parque Tatama

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