Santa Marta is the capital of the Magdalena department. It is located on the Caribbean coast in the north of Colombia, between Barranquilla and Riohacha. The city is a good place to stop off if you are doing a tour of the country thanks to its airport and its location on the Caribbean coast.

It is one of the most tourist-focussed cities on the coast. Its location between the Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean coast makes this city very attractive, especially when you consider the wide variety of fauna and flora to be found there.

Do not forget the historical and cultural heritage of Santa Marta, for example the colonial architecture and monuments such as the Basilica of Santa Marta, which is a one of the biggest tourist destinations on the Caribbean coast. As a Caribbean city, Santa Marta has suffered from repetitive British, French and Dutch attacks for a long time. The city is steeped in history and legends. Among them, one says that Santa Marta´s Cathedral contains the heart of the famous Simón Bolívar, hidden somewhere.

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Nearby places: 
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