Puerto López y Puerto Gaitán


Puerto Lopez is located in the Meta department and is considered as Colombia’s heart, as it is the geographical center of the country. Furthermore, Puerto Lopez is one of the most important fluvial ports on the Meta River. Various rivers go through this municipality. The most important one in terms of hydrological networks is the Meta River. The town is connected with the Oriental Llanos through the Meta River and with Venezuela through the Orinoco River. Puerto Lopez and its surroundings are considered as the most important agricultural region in the Meta-department. Rice, corn, yuca and fruit plantations are to be found here. Other economic activities are cattle raising, fishing, commerce and transportation.

Puerto Gaitan is located in the Meta department, and its surface is 17.499km². The main economic activities are cattle raising, agriculture, commerce and fishing. The harbor is characterized by oil activity. It began its transformation during the 21st century, making Colombia one of the 20 biggest oil producers in the world. The city has a large number of streams, the largest river being el Meta. The main places of interest of the city are: el Parque Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, la Catedral María Madre de la Iglesia, el Parque Francisco José de Caldas, the ecological park and Bellas Artes center.

Información del Destino

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