Hidden inside the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Nabusímake is the spiritual capital of the Arhuacos indigenous group. In their language, Nabusímake means “Land where the sun is born”. When the Spaniards arrived here in 1750 they named it San Sebastián de Rábago and started their evangelical mission.

Only a few people have had the privilege of accessing this breathtaking place, as it is protected by mamos and indigenous people, who only let people that are willing to respect this village and its community enter. They are not open to destructive mass tourism.

Arriving at Nabusímake is quite an adventure. It is best to travel from Valledupar to the Pueblo Bello in Cesar which is only 25 kilometers away from the spiritual capital. On your way the landscape starts to get greener.

From Pueblo Bello to Nabusímake you have to hike or ride on a mule. The way to get there is amazing. The path is decorated with a huge variety of flowers such as cayennes, hydrangeas and dalias. You can bathe in the cool crystal-clear waters of San Sebastian River.

When you arrive to Nabusímake you feel the holiness of the village that is protected by the mountains. You will be able to renew your body and soul with positive energy in this paradise on earth. There are no more than 60 straw houses surrounded with stone walls at the edge of a wonderful river.  

If you want to visit Nabusimake it is very important for you to respect the ancestral culture, traditions and ethnic values!

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