In the north-east of the La Guajira peninsula is the Serranía de Macuira. Its name derives from the ancestrals of the Wayúu: the Makui. Inside the wayúu refuge is a 25 000 hectares park, the Macuira National Park. It is composed be a 500 meter high mountain chain. Some picks are higher than 750 meters and the highest point is Cerro Palúa having 865 meters. In the interior of this semi-desert are microclimates that form an oasis like in a tropical forest. Humidity arrives from the north-east, forming clouds during the evening that disappear again in the morning. Thanks to its isolation, Macuira has an interesting flora and fauna and a notable wildlife, including cardinals and 15 species of snakes, such as coral snakes. There are also Wayúu settlements that have not been influenced by the exterior. Here indigenous cultivate cashew nuts, coconuts and plantains, as well as dividivi pods. The rangers are all very friendly locals. A walk until El Chorro Waterfall is definitely worth it. It is a very luxurious and charming green area. The other side of Maicura is Punta Gallinas, South America’s most northern point. It is an amazing place. Also in the surroundings is Taroa, where sand dunes seem to fall into the sea. Maicura is the perfect place to connect with nature, get immersed in the culture of the Wayúus and learn from their wisdom.

Información del Destino

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