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Explore intact places, find hidden regions and learn from the wisdom of Pre-Colombian cultures. Through our traveler’s articles, experience the adventures that are waiting for the explorers in the Amazon rainforest, dream about the romanticism that passionate lovers in Cartagena and feel the rhythms of the salsa that party-goers dance in Cali. Aventure Colombia’s blog is aimed at discovering Colombia’s overall Magic!
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Top 10 Bogotá in one day
You’ll find here the 10 places you shouldn’t miss in the Colombian capital. See entry
The 60th edition of Medellin’s Flower Festival!
Medellin’s Flower festival is one of the most anticipated events among Colombians and most of all among tourists. This year the city of Medellin celebrates the 60th edition of this colourful festival between the 28th July and the 7th August. See entry
The Chocó, between deserted beaches, whales, surfing and scuba diving!
Rimmed by the beaches of the Atlantic coast and those of the Pacific coast, the Chocó región has idyllic places and can guide you to memorable destinations. See entry
The season of Colombia in France is underway! Take a look at the events now taking place in France to celebrate our bilateral cultural exchange!
It’s now France’s turn to welcome colombian artists and to put the country in the spotlight until the end of 2017. See entry
Colombian festivals not to be missed in June and July!
Lots of music festivals and traditional celebrations are taking place in Colombia throughout the year. See entry
Official opening of our exhibition “Regards Croisés France-Colombie”: it’s this Thursday June 15th at 6:30 PM, we’re expecting you!
We invite you to discover our exhibition about Colombia at the grand opening this Thursday June 15 at 6:30 pm in Paris! See entry
Caribbean Coast ahoy ! Learn more about the coast at the exhibition « REGARDS CROISÉS FRANCE-COLOMBIE »!
The Caribbean Coast to discover through the exhibition “Regards croisés France-Colombie” which Aventure Colombia presents from June 15th in Paris. See entry
The exhibition « REGARDS CROISÉS FRANCE-COLOMBIE » takes you to the Coffee Region!
On June 15th, Aventure Colombia will launch its multimedia exhibition named “Regards croisés France-Colombie”. See entry
«REGARDS CROISÉS FRANCE-COLOMBIE», Colombia as seen by French artists
The exhibition « Regards croisés France-Colombie » will take place on the premises of the Editions Intervalles in Paris from June 15th to July 13th. See entry
Top 10 of the most beautiful architectural works in Colombia
From colonial houses to gothic places of worship including skyscrapers, Colombia’s architectural richness is one of the most important in the world. See entry
Let’s celebrate biodiversity with the “ColomBIOdiversidad” festival!
From the 17th to 22nd of May, the association “Envol Vert” will help raise awareness among the Colombian people about the conservation of the environment. See entry
Bogota and its Street Art
Once considered as an act of vandalism, the graffiti’s image is now changing See entry
Discover the most amazing rainbow colored places on earth!
We are taking you today on the exploration of the most amazing rainbow colored places on earth! See entry
The favorite dances and rhythms of Colombian people
Social condition and cultural expression, traditional or contemporary dancing is an art of living. See entry
And here is the light
The exhibition «Y e aqui la luz» will take place at the Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia de Bogota from April 7th to July 24th 2017 See entry
Let’s go ride a bike for the World Cycling Day!
Today, April 19th, is the World Cycling Day! See entry
In Colombia, travellers will be asked to present their vaccination record against yellow fever at the entrance to National Natural Parks See entry
The 2017 Book Fair will soon start in Corferias
The FILBO 2017 will take place from the 25th of April to the 8th of May at the Corferia Center of Bogota. See entry
The Holy Week in Colombia
All Latin American countries are strongly involved in this special week and especially Colombia, one of the most catholic country in the world. See entry
The must-see places for birdwatching in Colombia
Colombia is the country with the best avifauna diversity in the world with more than 1,800 species. See entry
Top 10 of the Colombian handmade products
Colombia is home of a large number of native communities still living with their old traditions. See entry
[ANATO 2017] What guidelines for tourism in Colombia?
The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mrs María Claudia Lacouture, spoke at the 36th edition of ANATO, fair of tourism. See entry
Where to find latin dancing places in Paris?
You are just back from Colombia, and are sad to leave behind this incredible country. You are still bewitched by the rhythms of salsa, cumbia, bachata or reggaeton. See entry
The words to know before arriving in Colombia
Colombia is a land which will always welcome you with open arms. Its kind people will make you love their country. However, beware that to fully fit in the country and avoid any misinterpretations of certain customs, it is best to go with a few useful expressions. Aventure Colombia briefly introduces you to some typical Colombian expressions. See entry
The Museum of Antioquia in Medellín presents the exhibitions “ France(s) territoire liquide and Agora(s)”
The museum of Antioquia in Medellin is hosting since February 8th the exhibitions France(s) territoire liquide from the artistic collective bearing the same name and Agora(s) from Nicolas Clauss. See entry
TOP 10 extreme sports to practice in Colombia
Thrill-seekers are going to fall crazy in love with Colombia once they discover what the country has to offer. See entry
Discovering the FICCI
Ready for the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias? We are eager to discover this 57th edition. Meanwhile awaiting the Opening on the 1st of March 2017, discover in this article what’s about to happen. See entry
La Vitrina Tourística ANATO 2017
The Vitrina turística of ANATO 2017 will take place at the Corferias Center in Bogotá from the 1st of March to the 3rd of March 2017 for the 37th edition of the fair. See entry
Plan your responsible trip to Colombia
A responsible trip should not be improvised. Regarding eco-tips while travelling some are general, others are very specific to the country you’re travelling to. Aventure Colombia offers to help you out preparing your trip by putting together a small list of tips. See entry
You love music and you want to enjoy it once in Colombia. We here inform you of the 10 musical events of the year 2017, that you can’t miss. See entry
The 10 items you should not forget to pack for your trip to Colombia
Colombia is an incredible but you have to work for it. Even the most hardened travelers should follow this small list of things not to be forgotten. See entry
Aventure Colombia celebrates its 10th birthday!
Aventure Colombia celebrates its 10th birthday in 2017, an opportunity to review the progress of the agency, its commitments and its future projects. See entry
Why not a WHV in Colombia?
What is a working holiday visa (WHV)? It is a visa that allows the holder to travel and work at the same time in a country. See entry
Destination Cartagena de Indias
Cartagena de Indias, located on the Colombian Caribbean Coast, is the ideal destination to discover the treasures of Spanish colonial architecture in a tropical and festive atmosphere. Let’s go to the “Pearl of the Caribbean” See entry
The 10 events not to be missed during the French year in Colombia
The Exchange season is a bilateral program of exchanges between France and more than 60 countries around the world that has existed since 1985. In 2017 the program includes Colombia. It is the second country in Latin America to participate after Brazil in 2009 See entry
The International Music Festival of Cartagena
The International Music Festival of Cartagena is approaching. Have you booked your tickets yet? Find out here why this is an event not to be missed this year. See entry
TOP 10 essential destinations in Colombia
Colombia, land of adventure, is a country where the landscapes are breathtaking, colors are brighter than anywhere else, a country where all travelers can find happiness. See entry
Gastronomic tourism in Colombia: why not?
Diversity is the most appropriate word to use when talking about Colombia, but not everyone expects this diversity to reveal itself in Colombia’s cuisine. Nevertheless, Colombia takes advantage of its wealth of cultural and geographical differences See entry
2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
The United Nations has proclaimed 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The opportunity to highlight concrete initiatives and actions that position the tourism sector as a driver for sustainable and fair development. See entry
The TAO guide Colombia is arriving in 2017
Do you know the TAO guide? No? This is THE guide that can help you to travel responsibly, off the beaten track, by meeting local people. The good news is that in 2017, the TAO guide Colombia will be available. So, let us introduce you to this special little guide. See entry
Colombia , 10 reasons to visit this unique destination!
In the Lonely Planet annual ranking of the countries to visit in 2017 Colombia is ranked second behind Canada. We were pleased to hear this good news and it is the best time for Aventure Colombia to talk about the 10 reasons why to choose Colombia to travel next year. See entry
Le Figaro Magazine: In Colombia, On the green gold way
You can find in the publication of Le Figaro Magazine from October, 21st 2016, the journey of the journalists Marie-Angélique Ozanne and Eric Martin in the coffee region See entry
First edition of the International Forum of tourism innovation in Rural and Natural Areas, 2016
First edition of the International Forum of tourism innovation in Rural and Natural Areas (FIIT) was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga. It took place on September, 27th and 28th, 2016 in San Gil (Santander, Colombia). The agency Aventure Colombia had the pleasure to be part of this event! See entry
An Arty tour during ARTBO 2016
In the end of October, Bogotá hosts the largest art fair in the the country at the Corferia international center. Launched in 2005, the fair aims at promoting and positioning Bogotá as a leading city on the Latino-American art market. See entry
NO to sexual exploitation of minors in Colombia!
Colombia is a developing country whose wealth is unevenly distributed across its territory. Difficult situations in some regions of Colombia can lead to cases of sexual exploitation of minors. Aventure Colombia is combating this abuse. See entry
The Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property, a challenge for preservation of Colombian culture
According to the definition given by UNESCO, cultural goods are “goods moveable or immovable that present a great importance for the cultural heritage of a group or a society See entry
The Referendum for Peace: A Historic Step in Colombian History
Colombia took a historic step in the year 2016, a perfect year for reconciliation and transition to a sustainable peace in different areas of the country, a radical change after a 50-year period of armed conflict. See entry
The Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Alaska: Aventure Colombia was there
Our agency had the great honor to be invited to participate in the Adventure Travel World Summit that took place from the 19th to the 22nd of September in Anchorage, Alaska. This event organized by ATTA gathered adventurers from all around the world See entry
Aventure Colombia’s 2016 CSR report is online!
Aventure Colombia’s team is proud to present the 1rst version of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report as well as its mini guide for responsible traveler. See entry
Aventure Colombia invites you to participate in the France-Colombia Year 2017!
The year 2017 marks a turning point for Colombia and France because both of them will be honored during the France-Colombia Year, aiming to strengthen the developing relationship between the two countries. See entry
Management of Corporate Social Responsibility at Aventure Colombia
The travel agency Aventure Colombia presents an interview of the stakeholders of its responsible tourism, Mathieu Perrot-Bohringer, co-founder, Eleonore Devillers, manager, and Amandine Yver, intern responsible RSE, about the sustainable management of tourism, engaging the agency since its creation in 2007. See entry
Barranquilla, Carnival Time
Aventure Colombia invites you in January 2017 to participate in an unmissable cultural event and the biggest folk festival in Colombia: The Barranquilla Carnival! Every year for nearly a whole month, this Caribbean city gets bursts into life to celebrate the 3rd biggest Carnival in the world (after Rio and Venice). See entry
Journey Across Antioquia's Treasures
Today, we invite you to leave for an adventure in the Antioquia’s mountain in Colombia, this region of thousands of landscapes and traditions, to discover the paths off the beaten tracks and the beautiful paisa villages. See entry
Fauna and Flora in danger, react!
Colombia, this wonderful South American country, is composed of a diversity of landscapes going from the Páramo to Andean landscapes passing by the tropical Caribbean and Pacific coasts without forgetting the deserts and the Amazonian jungle. See entry
El Chocó, an Excursion Off the Beaten Tracks
Chocó, one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the North-West of the country, is a unique destination. Mostly covered by equatorial jungle, Chocó is an area that remains untouched. See entry
No Mad Festival 2016
This summer, the event to discover for lovers of alternative and active travel is the No Mad Festival. No Mad festival, which will take place in June 2016 in the city of Cergy Pontoise, organised by Babel Voyages. In association with the tourism office of Cergy- Pontoise- Porte du Vexin. See entry
This is without doubt the best time to travel to Colombia!
From June to September is one of the best seasons to visit Colombia: More sun, less rain and the most beautiful places in the country are open. Now is the best time to book, the availability of the best guides and hotels is limited! See entry
Colombia, the country you should visit in 2016!
Good news! The renowned travel guide “Rough Guide”, started the year by launching its new guide of the 10 best countries, cities and regions to visit in 2016. Colombia was placed second in the top 10 destinations to visit in 2016. See entry
Because of the Zika virus around the world (mainly in Latin America), the WHO (World Health Organization) declared on the first of February of 2016 “a public health emergency of international concern”. See entry
Colombia has declared a red alert, because of a particular phenomenon called El Niño, which has caused a temperature increase and intense drought. The El Niño Phenomenon started last December. See entry
Our Agency is committed to responsible tourism
All the Aventure Colombia team is committed to promoting healthy, responsible and harmonious tourism, based on mutual respect and social commitment. See entry
News about Colombia and our travel agency!
Welcome to Aventure Colombia’s new universe! New website, new newsletter, and everything told in pictures and videos. We are happy to bring you some good news from Colombia and Aventure Colombia. See entry
Cultural Tourism: Experience in the Boyaca region
I was able to discover some places through Colombia, to enjoy the amazing road in Boyaca.This nice week-end contributed to the attraction I feel for Colombia See entry
The Wonders of the Amazonia
During my Colombia Travel, I went with the Travel Agency Colombia I was working with to the Amazonia. In Leticia Colombia a magic experience was waiting. See entry
Launch of the sixth edition of the Petit Futé Colombia. A complete success!
The sixth edition of the Petit Futé Colombia (French travel guide) was released the 1st of December 2015 in the Résidence de France in Bogotá. See entry

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